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October Ratifications

  • Robert Q Airbus
  • Canadian Electrocoating Ltd (CEL)
  • Verspeeten Cartage
  • Gateway Gaming
  • Delta Wire
  • MCK Construction
  • Lafarge – Brantford, Hamilton, Burlington, Guelph, Georgetown, Milton and London


Members at Robert Q Airbus in London, Ontario voted today on a first agreement.

I am happy to inform everyone that the members have excepted by 80% to except the companies offer.

Organized in February 2017, Business Representative Rick Parent would like to recognize his negotiation committee of Menno Meijer, Randy Schneider and Kip Gilev on an outstanding job at the bargaining table.

We encourage all members, friends and family that are using a shuttle service to the surrounding Airports to call Robert Q for a quote.

Rick Parent
Business Representatives
Teamsters Local Union #879


Canadian Electrocoating Ltd ratifies new deal

On Sunday October 15, 2017, the members at Canadian Electrocoating Ltd. voted in favour of a new collective agreement. There were significant increases in wages and benefits.

I want to thank my committee of, Al Hoorelbeck , Red Boucher, Richard Pichette, Lee Thomas and Vic Laur for an outstanding job at the negotiation table.

Business Representative,

Dan DiGiovanni


NAFTA Update:

Top Teamsters leaders joined with members of Congress and their fellow union allies from across North America today in laying out a path forward for a revamped North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as negotiators meet in the nation’s capital to discuss changes to the trade pact.

Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa and Teamsters Canada President François Laporte, speaking at a North American labor summit sponsored by the AFL-CIO, agreed that workers’ rights must be front-and-center in the minds of those participating in the fourth round of renegotiations of NAFTA. A new deal, they said, must enforce basic labour rights, increase wages and living standards for working families throughout the continent.

In the U.S., Hoffa said that means pushing back on anti-union legislation that hampers workers’ ability to collectively bargain.

“Teamsters in the U.S. are mobilized against the spread of so-called ‘right-to-work’ laws in the states because they depress wages by undercutting union power,” he said. “I applaud the Canadians for making this a trade issue. We agree that these laws incentivize employers to relocate from Canadian provinces that don’t allow ‘free-riders’. I urge the Canadian negotiators to hold their ground on their progressive labour text and for the U.S. negotiators to take this issue seriously. ”

Laporte added, “Canadian Teamsters, like our brothers and sisters stateside, recognize that a new NAFTA must contain an ambitious new chapter that will protect worker rights and also be a model for future trade pacts. We appreciate the text tabled by our government, but we want to emphasize that worker rights and protections for indigenous people and women in the workforce are all very important, but that the enforcement is essential. New rights in a new NAFTA won’t be worth much without trade sanctions to back them up.”

A labour chapter as part of NAFTA 2.0 is essential to the fight. That’s why the Teamsters are participating in talks with the Steelworkers, the AFL-CIO and fellow unions from Canada and Mexico to ensure a successful NAFTA renegotiation.




Ground Breaking Ceremony for the New Teamsters Canada Building

Local 879 President John McCann,  recently attended the ground-breaking ceremony for the new Teamsters Canada headquarters in Laval Quebec. The site is at the junction of 2 major arteries in Laval which will give our new head office exposure to over 100,000 vehicles every day. The new facility is scheduled to be complete in September 2018. When done it will be a stand alone 5 storey, 25,000 sq/ft building that will house all the Teamsters Canada offices and office staff as well as a variety of union related tenants.

This is the very first stand alone office owned by Teamsters Canada and when complete will be a beautiful display of Teamster strength and Teamster power and we thank Teamsters Canada President, Brother Francois Laporte, for having the vision to build our own facility and following through on it. 




(OTTAWA) – The following is a joint statement from Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa and Teamsters Canada President François Laporte in response to the end of round three of NAFTA renegotiations here on Wednesday.

“Teamsters sent a strong and diverse coalition to Ottawa to advocate for workers during NAFTA talks.

“Teamsters urged Canadian officials to work with the United States to fix the mistake of including long-haul trucking in the original NAFTA. U.S. and Canadian negotiators were briefed on suggested language that would provide a level-playing field, ensure a safe trucking fleet on highways and improve working conditions and wages for Mexican drivers. 

“Teamsters in the U.S. and Canada are united in demanding that the issue of Mexican trucking be addressed in these negotiations. Teamsters also remain steadfast in their defense of supply management in the dairy sector.

“The first draft of the proposed U.S. labor chapter, which was tabled yesterday, is inadequate. The interests of working and middle class families are better served by the current Canadian proposal. Teamsters remain committed to supporting the proposed Canadian labour chapter, which will improve wages and working conditions in all three NAFTA countries and end right-to-work in the United States.

“Right-to-work laws unfairly subsidize corporations by artificially reducing wages and working conditions. NAFTA countries should compete on the basis of productivity, not labour costs. We must end trade deals that lead to a race to the bottom.

“A modernized NAFTA will be a model for future trade deals. It is imperative that our governments get it right when it comes to workers’ rights.”

General President Hoffa and President Laporte would like to thank John McCann, National Director of the Teamsters Canada Freight Division, David Froelich, Director of the Teamsters Canada Dairy Division, and Johanne Couture, from the Owner Operators Independent Drivers Association. All three individuals helped bring the concerns of workers directly to the attention negotiators during this round of talks.



Tribute to Past President Joe Contardi

Local 879 Vice President Ernie Bishop pays tribute to the late past President Joe Contardi at his celebration of life held on Sunday Sept 24.


Steward Mark Molnar takes the World Championship

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! The Town of Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia, Canada was even more colourful than usual as Town Criers from Australia, New Zealand, England, California, Maryland, Nova Scotia and Ontario, Canada came to compete in the 2017 International Town Criers’ Competition.

CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Mark Molnar as he took top honours in this years event.

Mark is a member and steward at Central Taxi in Niagara.


2017 Teamsters Local Union #879 Election Results

Notice from the Election Chairman

Chairman Notice of Election



Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada Student Award Program

Student Award Program



September Ratifications

  • Federal Marine Terminal
  • GFL London
  • GDI
  • SEIU #1


2017 Labour Day Parade, Hamilton


Passing of Brother Joe Contardi

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Brother Joe Contardi, past President of Teamsters Local Union #879.

Brother Contardi was President of this great Local from 1972 to 1994 and was considered by all as the Patriarch of this Local.

Joe will be sadly missed by all who had the opportunity to know him and the pleasure to work with him.

Visitation and funeral arrangements are listed below.

Joe Contardi


Reminder: Teamsters Canada Scholarship 2017


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Teamsters Bulletin


Working Families Cannot Remain Silent in Fight for Justice, Equality

(WASHINGTON) – The following is a statement by the Teamsters in response to the violence propagated by white nationalists and neo-Nazis during their planned rally in Charlottesville, Va. Saturday that led to the deaths of counter-protester Heather Heyer, as well as state Troopers Lieutenant H. Jay Cullen and Trooper-Pilot Berke M.M. Bates.

“The Teamsters were saddened and disgusted by the behavior of hatemongers this weekend that resulted in the deaths of a woman standing up against them as well as two others who were involved in protecting the safety of all those present.

“In the face of such ignorance and malice, all of us must speak out and show unwavering resolve that makes it clear that all Americans are entitled to the same rights and protections, and that those who try to impede them will be dealt with swiftly and forcefully under the law.

“This union has long been a leader in fight for civil rights. It was more than 52 years ago that Viola Liuzzo, the wife of a Teamsters’ business agent in Michigan, was murdered by members of the KKK in Alabama while standing up for equal voting rights for African Americans. She was a martyr in the fight for justice. Tragically, Ms. Heyer joined her and became one herself on Saturday.

“It is time for this madness to stop. The Teamsters pledge to stand up against such despicable acts of hatred and intolerance. Only then will we truly become the great nation we all expect us to be.”


Niagara Labour Day Parade

Wear your Union shirts and come and join the Niagara Regional Labour Council in solidarity. 

On Monday September 4, 2017 we will be walking in the Merritton Labour Day Parade. We are asking everyone to meet for the line up of the parade at the Pen Center in the parking lot off of Chestnut St. West. (old Target Parking lot) for 9 a.m. as the parade begins sharply at 11 a.m. 

The parade begins at the Pen Center, 221 Glendale Ave., St. Catharines and continues along Chestnut St., west, up Glengary to Glendale, to Merritt St., to Seymour and ending at the Lions Community Carnival.  

In Solidarity,

Lou Ann Binning
Niagara Regional Labour Council




Labour Day Parade Hamilton

Labour Day parade


Nomination Notice

Nomination Notice


Teamsters Canada Scholarship Notice

Teamsters Canada Scholarship Notice