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Purolator Update 3

unanimous agreement puro voting information


Message from Package and Parcel Director Gary Kitchen


Purolator Update 2

At 2:15am this morning we reached a fully recommended offer of settlement with Purolator Courier.

The strike has been averted and we will be bringing the vote to the members asap.

John McCann


Teamsters Local Union No 879


Purolator Update

The Ministry of Labour has called a meeting of both parties with a view of resolving the potential strike action set for 4:30pm on Wednesday.

Both sides will be meeting tomorrow in Toronto to address the issues with a view of reaching a deal.

On behalf of everyone here at Local 879, I would like to thank everyone for their patience and hope to see a resolution as soon as possible.

John F. McCann


Teamsters Union Local No 879


Purolator Final Offer

The Purolator final offer has been rejected by 56.1%. The 72 hour notice of strike action has been sent to the company.

The Business Agents will be in contact with the stewards to inform them of what the next steps are.

As soon as we have more info regarding the exact time and date we can strike we will notify the membership.

In Solidarity,

John McCann


Teamsters Local Union #879


February Ratifications

  • Wise Solutions
  • Railcare
  • Tri-County Driver Training


Teamsters Human Rights Commission

Teamsters Human Rights Commission Appointment


Purolator Voting Information

purolator voting information


NAFTA Resolution



James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund 

Re:     Applications due March 31

The applications for either the Academic Scholarship (for high school seniors planning to attend a four-year college/university), or the Vocational Scholarship (for those planning to attend a training or vocational program at a community college or other training institution)  are due by March 31.

The on-line system for applying is now available and can be reached by going to:

If applicants prefer, they may download the applications to fill out and send in via this link:


2017 Local 879 Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament


2017 Windsor Stewards Seminar

Below are some pictures captured from our level one stewards training that was held at our Windsor office. It was a 2 day course put on by Business Representatives Lenna Phenix, Doug Pilkey and Dan DiGiovanni.

Our President, John McCann, stopped in as an observer and to greet the 18 stewards that ranged from new to over 20 year stewards. They came from various industries that we represent including,

  • UPS
  • Coco Paving
  • Canadian Electrocoating
  • Prince Metal Products
  • Gardaworld, Windsor Humane Society
  • Tepperman’s
  • Devanshire Mall
  • Overland clerical

All the stewards enjoyed the seminar and were really involved in the role playing and seemed to really learn a lot from the 2 days.

A special thanks goes out to Dan D for setting up the hall, for the event and taking care of all the food and supplies needed. Also thanks to brother Rick Parent for attending the seminar between meetings.


Charges Against Ken Hall Withdrawn

02 22 17 kenhalliio (ID-33178900426a)

02 22 17 khall letter (ID-d6cf089a01dc)


IBT Election Certification

02 17 17 electioncertification

02 17 17 electionsupervisorletter


Canadian Transit Company is Hiring

Canadian Transit Company (Ambassador Bridge) is hiring for maintenance/construction.  If anybody is interested, please contact Rick Parent in the Windsor Office as follows: 

Teamsters Local 879 (Windsor)

2525 Annie Street, Windsor, ON N8T 3K8 

Email:  teamsters 

Phone:  519-944-9880 or 1-800-265-9539


New Director of Teamsters Package Division



Kellogg’s Job Killing Plan



New National Freight Director



January Ratifications

  • A-1 Driver Training o/a Young Drivers of Canada
  • CBM Sarnia
  • Forsyth Lube


Robert Q Airbus Joins Teamsters

A vote was conducted yesterday by the CIRB for the drivers and detailers of Robert Q Airbus in London, Ontario. After the ballot count was completed, it was finally official that the employees voted to have Teamsters Local Union #879 represent them in bargaining with the company.

I want to thank my amazing committee that came together and spoke to all the employees on change in their work place. Also to my organizers, Darren and Mike. You guys were great. Dodged the raindrops and stood out in the rain to spread the good word to vote yes. You guys were outstanding.

Lastly, to my partner in crime Fitos. Thanks for all your help. I would have struggled without you.

Welcome to all the Robert Q Airbus new members.

Jim Killey

Membership Development Coordinator


Purolator Final Deal

Sisters, Brothers, 

Attached is our latest update on Purolator. It’s also been posted online:

final offer purolator


Legal Loopholes

Toronto Star Touch: Legal loopholes cost workers millions in lost wages: Report


Shooting in Quebec

Dear Sisters and Brothers, 

The link below will direct you to the Teamsters Canada statement on the shooting at the Québec City Islamic Cultural Centre:


Members Locked Out

K-BRO Disrespects Workers


Tandet Dedicated Joins Teamsters

A vote was conducted on February 1st by the CIRB for the employees of Tandet Dedicated. The drivers voted 100% to join the Teamsters.