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2018 Hoffa Scholarship Notice

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Hoffa Scholarship Notice


Holiday Office Hours

Xmas hours


Labour Laws change in Ontario

TORONTO  – Ontario’s Liberal government passed a host of changes to labour laws Wednesday. Here are some highlights of the legislation, including the centrepiece minimum wage increase:

— Minimum wage rises from $11.60 an hour to $14 on Jan. 1, 2018 then to $15 on Jan. 1, 2019.

— Casual, part-time, temporary and seasonal employees will be given the same pay as full-time employees for doing equal work. There are exemptions based on seniority and merit.

— Lower minimum wage rates for liquor servers, students under 18, hunting and fishing guides will also rise along with the general minimum wage.

— Once an employee works for a company for five years, they will be entitled to three weeks of paid vacation.

— Personal emergency leave no longer only applies to workers at companies with 50 or more employees. All workers will get 10 days per year, two of them paid.

— Victims of domestic or sexual violence, or parents of children who have experienced or are threatened with it, will get five days of paid leave and 17 weeks of job-protected, unpaid leave.

— Employers will not be allowed to request a sick note from an employee taking personal emergency leave.

— Parents whose children die will get unpaid leave of up to 104 weeks. It was previously only offered to parents when a child’s death was related to a crime.

— Employers must pay three hours of wages if they cancel a shift with fewer than 48 hours notice, with weather-dependent work exempted.

— Employees can refuse shifts without repercussion if the employer gives them less than four days notice.

— Employees on call must be paid three hours at their regular pay rate.

— Companies that misclassify workers as “independent contractors” instead of employees in order to skirt labour law obligations would be subject to fines.

— The maximum fine for employers who violate employment standards laws will be increased from $250, $500 and $1,000 for various violations to $350, $700 and $1,500. The government will publish the names of those who are fined.

— Ease restrictions on union certification and allow unions to access employee lists and certain contact information if the union can demonstrate it has the support of 20 per cent of employees.

— Makes it easier for home care and community services workers, people in the building services sector, and those who work through temp agencies to unionize.

— The maximum fines under the Labour Relations Act will increase from $2,000 for individuals and $25,000 for organizations to $5,000 and $100,000.


Cardinal Courier Ratifies New Deal

Cardinal Courier London ratified a new 2 year agreement by 99 per cent which earned them $1.70 over 2 years.


London Stewards Seminar

Below is a picture from the 2 day Steward seminar that was held at the London Teamsters 879 Hall. Thanks to all our proud stewards that attended the energetic workshop.

Facilitated by Business Representatives Doug Pilkey, Dan DiGiovanni and Lenna Phenix.

Thank you Shop Stewards. YOUR dedication and hard work for our members is so very important.

Jennifer Willis (Gateway Casino), Brad Gillespie (Verspeeten Cartage), John Elliot (UPS), David Baker (BFI), Brian Smith (GFL), Daryn Pachlarz (Bluewater), Randall St. Croix (Aslon), Menno Myres (Robert Q Airbus), Randy Schneider (Robert Q Airbus), Kip Gilev (Robert Q Airbus), Heather Tanghe (Norspec), Todd Roadknight (Lafarge), Joanne Thomas (Bonduelle).


LDI Employees Win Challenges at the OLRB – Become Teamsters

After a long, hard battle at the Ontario Labour Relations Board, the employees at LDI Milton (Logistics Distribution Incorporated) have won a decision that the employees that voted to become members of Teamsters Local Union #879 are now officially members of our great Union.

Founded in 1991, Logistic Distribution Inc is one of Canada’s leading 3PL providers. As “Canada’s Connection” they help clients develop and grow their national market share through just-in-time fulfillment, distribution, and logistics.

From the Executive Board and staff of Local 879, we would like to welcome all the employees of LDI to our family.


November Ratifications

  • None


Final Decision Regarding 2016 Teamsters Election

(WASHINGTON) – Judge Kathleen Roberts, the Election Appeals Master, yesterday issued her final decision, denying the election appeals which sought a rerun of the Election of International Union Officers that was conducted in 2016. The decision brings closure to the process and reaffirms the re-election of General President Jim Hoffa and General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall and the election of International Vice Presidents and International Trustees.

“Workers are under attack as never before,” Hoffa said. “It’s time to join together and move forward united. We must devote our full attention and resources to fighting those who would do our members harm.” 

The election was initially certified by Election Supervisor Richard Mark on February 16, 2017. 

“Our members are focused on winning strong contracts in 2018 at UPS and in the freight industry,” Hall added. “Our priorities remain focused on moving forward and building a stronger union.”                               

“This decision addresses appeals of two decisions by the Election Supervisor,” Judge Roberts wrote in her Oct. 31, 2017 decision. “The appeals are denied and the decisions of the Election Supervisor are affirmed.”



Truck Stop Video

Below is an important video for all to see. The future of the trucking industry.

Voici un bel hommage aux camionneurs!

Posted by Truck Stop Quebec on Monday, October 30, 2017


October Ratifications

  • Robert Q Airbus
  • Canadian Electrocoating Ltd (CEL)
  • Verspeeten Cartage
  • Gateway Gaming
  • Delta Wire
  • MCK Construction
  • Lafarge – Brantford, Hamilton, Burlington, Guelph, Georgetown, Milton and London


Members at Robert Q Airbus in London, Ontario voted today on a first agreement.

I am happy to inform everyone that the members have excepted by 80% to except the companies offer.

Organized in February 2017, Business Representative Rick Parent would like to recognize his negotiation committee of Menno Meijer, Randy Schneider and Kip Gilev on an outstanding job at the bargaining table.

We encourage all members, friends and family that are using a shuttle service to the surrounding Airports to call Robert Q for a quote.

Rick Parent
Business Representatives
Teamsters Local Union #879


Canadian Electrocoating Ltd ratifies new deal

On Sunday October 15, 2017, the members at Canadian Electrocoating Ltd. voted in favour of a new collective agreement. There were significant increases in wages and benefits.

I want to thank my committee of, Al Hoorelbeck , Red Boucher, Richard Pichette, Lee Thomas and Vic Laur for an outstanding job at the negotiation table.

Business Representative,

Dan DiGiovanni


NAFTA Update:

Top Teamsters leaders joined with members of Congress and their fellow union allies from across North America today in laying out a path forward for a revamped North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as negotiators meet in the nation’s capital to discuss changes to the trade pact.

Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa and Teamsters Canada President François Laporte, speaking at a North American labor summit sponsored by the AFL-CIO, agreed that workers’ rights must be front-and-center in the minds of those participating in the fourth round of renegotiations of NAFTA. A new deal, they said, must enforce basic labour rights, increase wages and living standards for working families throughout the continent.

In the U.S., Hoffa said that means pushing back on anti-union legislation that hampers workers’ ability to collectively bargain.

“Teamsters in the U.S. are mobilized against the spread of so-called ‘right-to-work’ laws in the states because they depress wages by undercutting union power,” he said. “I applaud the Canadians for making this a trade issue. We agree that these laws incentivize employers to relocate from Canadian provinces that don’t allow ‘free-riders’. I urge the Canadian negotiators to hold their ground on their progressive labour text and for the U.S. negotiators to take this issue seriously. ”

Laporte added, “Canadian Teamsters, like our brothers and sisters stateside, recognize that a new NAFTA must contain an ambitious new chapter that will protect worker rights and also be a model for future trade pacts. We appreciate the text tabled by our government, but we want to emphasize that worker rights and protections for indigenous people and women in the workforce are all very important, but that the enforcement is essential. New rights in a new NAFTA won’t be worth much without trade sanctions to back them up.”

A labour chapter as part of NAFTA 2.0 is essential to the fight. That’s why the Teamsters are participating in talks with the Steelworkers, the AFL-CIO and fellow unions from Canada and Mexico to ensure a successful NAFTA renegotiation.




Ground Breaking Ceremony for the New Teamsters Canada Building

Local 879 President John McCann,  recently attended the ground-breaking ceremony for the new Teamsters Canada headquarters in Laval Quebec. The site is at the junction of 2 major arteries in Laval which will give our new head office exposure to over 100,000 vehicles every day. The new facility is scheduled to be complete in September 2018. When done it will be a stand alone 5 storey, 25,000 sq/ft building that will house all the Teamsters Canada offices and office staff as well as a variety of union related tenants.

This is the very first stand alone office owned by Teamsters Canada and when complete will be a beautiful display of Teamster strength and Teamster power and we thank Teamsters Canada President, Brother Francois Laporte, for having the vision to build our own facility and following through on it.