Welcome to the New 2011 Members

The Executive Board and Staff at Teamsters Local Union 879 would like to take this opportunity to welcome the new Teamster members that came on board in 2011.

The new 2011 groups to join Local 879 are,

  • Niagara First Student Bus
  • APD London
  • UPS Clerical (Stoney Creek, St. Catharines, Brantford, Stratford and London)
  • Aslon London
  • Purolator Clerical Owen Sound
  • Emterra Recycling Burlington
  • Maddalena Uniforms


Dear Brothers and Sisters of Local 879 

We would like to express to you our heartfelt, Thank You, on behalf of Mary Kehoe, for the support given during the most difficult time she has faced, the passing of her husband, Patrick.

On the day of his passing, one call was made and we had the assurance that a Teamsters Flag would be provided to stand at Pat’s side while at the Chapel, (a wish he had expressed) and the confirmation that members would proudly stand as Pallbearers. A very special, thank you, to Tim Winker, for those arrangements and for being one of the Pallbearers, along with Dave Lumsden, Dave Dortono, Dennis Jonathan and Jimmy Lockard. Pat’s first grandson, Ryan Barton, served as the sixth Pallbearer.

Your most beautiful bouquet of flowers was one of the first to arrive and gave comfort and strength with its fragrant white carnations.  The Teamsters have been a part of Pat’s children’s lives, their entire lives and the values learned, now continue on into the next generation. We thank you for that Pride and that Brotherhood. It was very much felt on the day we laid Dad to rest.


Mike and Sandra Kehoe

879 Makes it to 10,000 Hits.

On Saturday December the 10th, Teamsters Local Union 879 clocked in their 10,000th hit on the Locals website. The website, which was created in April of 2011, had a slow start but from the hard work of it’s members and the 879 staff, the word spread quickly.

Thanks to everyone that made this happen. We look forward to the next 10,000.


Tentative agreement ratified at Purolator!

92 % of the some 8,800 members of the Teamsters Union working for Purolator voted in favour of the tentative agreement reached between the parties on November 11. The tentative agreement had been unanimously recommended by the negotiations committee made up of Union members and Officers from Teamster Local Unions across the country.


Workers will see their wages go up 16% over the term of the five-year agreement and their pension plan increase by 22%.

Other gains

Worker benefits have also been significantly improved and the retirement allowance has been raised by 40%.

From the onset, the negotiations committee took the position with the employer that the members deserved to know where they stood with respect to their collective agreement by the beginning of December. Purolator was told clearly that extensions past the expiration date were not going to happen and the Teamsters established the deadline to coincide with the expiration of the contract.

In addition, the bargaining committee was not going to entertain multiple offers that would not meet the memberships’ expectations.

This contract puts the Teamsters working for Purolator at the top of this industry in Canada.


Maddalena Uniforms

Teamsters Local 879 Vice President Jim Chalmers ratified a deal last week to bring on members from Maddalena Uniforms in Welland, Ontario. We at Teamsters like to promote our new members by promoting the businesses they work for. So anyone interested in uniforms can contact their Head Office.

Head Office: 355 King Street West

Welland, Ontario

L3B 3K2

(905) 734-4600 or Toll Free at (877) 553-9991




Teamsters Local 879 London Toy Drive

BOB’s Magical Mountain of Toys was officially launched last Friday. We started the day with the 13th Annual Teamsters Local Union 879 Toy Drive at Zellers Northland Mall and moved onto Taylor’s live broadcast from Westmount Shopping Centre, all in London Mitsubishi’s Santa’s Sleigh.
For a look at a clip  on the London Toy Drive click on the page below.




The following companies have donated to the London Toy Drive this Year,

R B Sommerville Pipeline



Bluewater Recycling Association

Bonduelle Foods Ingersoll

Benefit Plan Administrators Limited

Comstock Canada

E & E Seegmiller

Fyshe McMahon LLP

Grand Bend Motorplex

Hogg Fuels

Hutton Transport Limited

Iron Workers Local 700

Teamsters Joint Council No. 52

Kingsway Transport

Labourers Local 1059

Lafarge Canada

Leithwheller Investment Council Limited

London District Building & Construction Trades Council

Ontario Teamsters Benefit Plan

Preston Sand & Gravel

Summit Food Service Distribution

Talbot Marketing

Teamsters Canada

Teamsters Canada Small Package Division

Teamsters Construction Council of Ontario

TST Overland Express

TW Johnstone

United Plastic Components

UPS Canada

Wolverine Freight Systems

Once again, we would like to thank everyone for all the help.


Teamsters Union Protests at Sotheby’s Toronto auction

James Adams-TORONTO— From Tuesday’s Globe and Mail

Published Monday, Nov. 28, 2011 11:50PM EST

Clients at Sotheby’s Monday evening sale of Canadian art were met outside Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum by about 50 protesters who had set up an information picket line in support of locked-out art handlers at Sotheby’s in New York City.

Approximately 50 art handlers, members of Teamsters Local 814, have been locked out of Sotheby’s Manhattan offices since late September. The local and Sotheby’s began negotiations in May for a new contract scheduled to expire in early July.

The Teamsters have been organizing sympathy pickets at several Sotheby’s operations around the world in recent weeks. The handlers, who have been represented by the Teamsters for decades, are at loggerheads with the auction house over several issues – job security, replacement workers, pensions, grievance protocols and overtime.

Representatives of Sotheby’s Canada offered no comment Monday. Instead, they handed out a statement from its New York office that said the company had offered staff “a very fair contract” that includes wage increases and augmented pension contributions.


Modern Landfill Ratifies

The members at Modern Landfill in Niagara Falls and Smithville voted to accept their new offered agreement. With the company  recently losing almost fifty percent of it’s work and Unionized workforce, the negotiating committee fought a hard battle. There was some  improvement to benefits and sick days but unfortunately some concessions in wages were made with the company going from a license based wage format to a equipment based format.

Business Representative Danny Mitchell would like to thank the committee of Jim Huurman,  Phil Owen and James Crawford for a job well done at a very difficult round of bargaining.


Opta Minerals Ratifies Deal

The members at Opta Minerals in Waterdown,Ont voted to ratify their new Collective Agreement. The new agreement sees improvement  to their wages and pension. Thanks go out to Brother Ron Hardsand for participating in the negotiations.


Union Article in The Spectator

There was an article recently posted in The Hamilton Spectator regarding Unions and there place in todays society. Below is a letter that was sent to The Spectator from a very smart 13 year old.

RE:Unions served purpose; no more. September 10, 2011.

The first thing one must understand when discussing the labour movements is that you know nothing about it unless you’re educated in it’s law patterns or you work within the membership of the union itself. As with a food, you can’t know anything about it if you haven’t experienced the feel of it.

That being said, as the above author so generously recognized, labour laws have been remade and remodeled. But that doesn’t mean that employers will not try to find ways around these remade laws. I have heard and experienced many of these differing cases, one of the many being trying to fire a man for a one-time occurrence with ten years of clean slate behind him. Labour laws do not protect that man’s rights to argue with the company, do they? No. Employers, without the buffer-zone of a union protecting their employees, can fire, hire and do what they please with their workforce.

Yes, the 1940’s were a golden age for unions to flourish and expand, the raw force of the labour movements a revolution of action within both America and Canada. But guess what? Employers have returned to their methods and moral honesty from that time. The labour movements have been pushed back by anti-union companies that poison the minds of employees that wish, dream, that they could reach for the justice the unions offer.

I am not one to obstruct points of view. Some unions are horrid, their business agents hardly facing the challenge of the employers. But to charge all unions and their respective net of workers with the faults of unions with merciless business agents who care nothing but the money they receive is unjust. There is no doubt that there is nothing to be desired from them.

Though, when you look past the veil of the fall-down unions, there are larger, stronger unions that hold the companies at bay. Teamsters are a prime example. The American IBT (International Brotherhood of Teamsters) stood behind Barack Obama. Are the people so blind as to not see that the funds put towards Obama’s campaign was for their members? What do you expect the funds would be for? A hardy interest if they win? The Teamsters work within all districts of labour: construction, certain retail, truckers, etc. I have been lucky enough to be the daughter of a Teamsters business agent. I know most, if not more, than any non-union laborers ever will. Even at my tender, perceptive age.

There are questions that non-union people must ask themselves. Do you have a strike fund, as the Teamsters do? Can you even strike without being fired for it? Is there any rebound force to protect you from being fired? Is there any way for you to even get your job back without groveling at the feet of your former boss? The only answer is no. To all of those questions.

I have some trivia as well. Did you know that the labour unions, a large part of that movement force from the Teamsters themselves, which created and passed social programs. Could you guess what they are? Welfare, Unemployment, Health Care (universal and otherwise), 40 Hour Workweek, Maternity Leave and the creation of Minimum Wage.

Could you have also guessed that unions played the leading role, backed by their members and gathered funds, to create the weekend? Never knew that, did you? To this day, unions still fight for everything above. Even Minimum Wage and the weekend! Did you realize that they were trying to take that away? Food for thought.

-Cyanna Bishop, age 13.

Dundas Trucking (Lafarge)

Dundas Trucking (Lafarge) ratified a 3-year deal by 75% with a yearly minimum put in place that is new to the industry.

Purolator Courier Negotiations

An update on the Purolator Courier negotiations. They will begin their 4th week at the table next week in Ottawa. Negotiations are going well and the committee are hopeful that an offer from the company will come well before the contract deadline at the end of December.



The CLC has confirmed that Brother Chalmers has been appointed to the CLC Political Action Advisory Committee as the Teamsters Canada Delegate.

Congratulations to Brother Jim Chalmers, Vice President of Teamsters Local 879.


Halton (Emterra) Recycling

Emterra Recyling in Burlington will begin their first set of negotiations for a first contract on Monday, October 31st. Business Agent Danny Mitchell says that more dates will be set at the October 31st meeting.


First Student Niagara

First Student School Bus Niagara approved their first ever agreement. Congratulations to Business Agent Doug Pilkey and the negotiation team for a job well done. It is a 2 year deal that will give them a 6% increase in wages and an excellent language package.

Total Membership – 240 employees


Fox Ready Mix

Employees at Fox Ready Mix ratified a new 4-year agreement with a 3% increase each year in wages, increases in their pension, an extra vacation and float day. Congratulations to Business Agent Rick Parent and the negotiation team for a job well done.


UPS Clerical Ratifies First Collective Agreement

On Saturday September the 24th, UPS clerical employees in London, St. Creek, St. Catharines and Brantford ratified a first agreement with a 28% increase in wages over the 3.25 year agreement.

They will also receive retroactive pay back to Feb. 1st/2011. They will enter into the UPS Master Agreement for language, will enter into the Master Agreement pension plan on Feb 1/2015 and receive company paid benefits just to name a few of their new benefits with joining the Teamsters Local Union 879.


Peace Bridge Employees Ratify

Peace Bridge employees ratified their deal on Thursday with an  increase in wages, vacations and language.

H & S Heat Treating Ratify Deal

H & S Heat Treating ratified a deal today that brought a 12 % increase in wages over 3 yrs and also an increase in their pension cola.


879 Ratifies New Deals

Business Agent Dan Digiovanni ratified a 3 year deal with Omni services (a cleaning company that cleans 3 malls in Windsor) with increases in wages.

A new 3 year deal at K-Scrap Resources with a 2% increase in wages, boot allowance, eyeglass coverage, 2% increase in group RRSP contribution by the employer and a big change in scheduling for the drivers.

Also, Steeplejack in Sarnia with increases in wages each year of  the agreement.


Teamsters pay tribute to Jack Layton

Teamsters Canada President Robert Bouvier, on behalf of the union’s 125,000 members, extended his condolences to the family and many friends of Jack Layton, who passed away on August 22nd. A few weeks ago, Mr. Layton announced that he was stepping aside temporarily to fight a second cancer diagnosis.

Born July 18, 1950, Jack Layton took the helm of the New Democratic Party in 2003 and led his party to Official Opposition status in last year’s federal elections. He was the MP for the Toronto-Danforth riding. “I would like to pay tribute to this exceptional politician,” said Robert Bouvier. “Jack was not only an open and genuine person, he was a politician who was very much in touch with the concerns of Canadians. We will miss him immensely.”


IBT International Officer Election

The Election Office is in the process of preparing the ballots and envelopes for the election itself. As you know, each member will receive a ballot by mail at his or her home.

The Election Office is verifying the necessary information for this process.

The Canadian ballots will be printed and mailed from Montreal, then returned to Montreal for sorting and transportation to Washington, D.C. where the ballots will be opened and counted with ballots from all Teamster locals.

Ballots will be mailed out on October 6, 2011, and the final count in Washington commences on November 14, 2011. If members have not received a ballot by October 15, they should contact their Local Union, and we will do our best to rectify that.

It is important that you make sure that your address is up to date with the local, to ensure that each member has the opportunity to cast a ballot.

Thank you.

John McCann

President Teamsters Local 879


Teamsters Election

IBT Election

All Members of Teamsters Local Union No. 879

In order to receive a ballot in the upcoming International Brotherhood of Teamsters Election, we must have:

YOUR CORRECT ADDRESS (including Postal Code)

Please contact the Teamsters Local Union No. 879 Office as soon as possible at (905) 547-3231 or toll free at 1-(800)-528-8879. You may also change your address on line. Just click on the “Change of Address” page and follow the instructions provided.

John McCann


Teamsters Local Union 879


Aslon Elections

Below are the results for the Steward and Health and Safety elections that took place at Aslon London on Friday.

Chief Steward – Shaun Grosvenor

Day Shift Steward – Shaun Grosvenor

Afternoon Steward – Eric Phillips

Night Shift Steward – Archie Antone

Day Shift Health & Safety – Carrie Stevenson

Afternoon Shift Health & Safety – Anne Wedge

Night Shift Health & Safety – Brian Dudley

Scrutineer – Jeremy Ritchie


Halton Recycling Burlington (Emterra)

Today a vote was held by the Provincial Labour Board of Canada at Halton Recycling Burlington (Emterra) to determine whether or not the employees of Emterra wanted to join the Teamsters Local 879. At 5:00 p.m. this afternoon the votes were tallied and the employees of Halton Recycling (Emterra) excepted by 80% to join the Teamsters Local 879 as their union of choice.

Thanks go out to President John McCann, Business Agent Danny Mitchell, Membership Development Coordinator Jim Killey and the organizing committee for making it happen.

From the Executive Board and Staff of Local 879, welcome aboard.

Total membership – 54 employees.


UPS London Clerical

Due to employee holiday schedules, the proposal meeting set for Saturday August the 20th has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for September. The date for the meeting in September will be set in the next couple of weeks.


YRC Reimer Ratify Agreement

Employee’s at YRC Reimer in St. Catharines, Woodstock and Windsor ratified their Collective Agreement on the weekend by an 81% margin. Highlights include a return of a 15% paycut members took in 2009 and an increase to their Health and Welfare.

Congratulations go out to the negotiating committee of Business Agent Doug Pilkey, Business Agent Danny Mitchell, Shop Stewards Phil Lafleur, Vern Goodman, Mike Bergeron and Bruce Riddell.


Aslon (Onsort) Ratify Agreement

The employees of Aslon (formally known as Onsort) ratified an agreement last week by 90% to give them a 6% wage increase, benefits, pension, seniority and took them from working for a Temp company to becoming employees of Aslon Inc.

Congratulations go out to the negotiating committee of Business Agent Danny Mitchell, Business Agent Marty Taylor, Membership Development Coordinator Jim Killey and Aslon employee Jay Wojcicki for a job well done.


Niagara Hilton

The Hilton Valet in Niagara Falls, Ontario ratified a new Collective Agreement by 90% on July 26/2011. It is a “Three Year” deal with a 6.5% increase over the 3 year term.


UPS London Clerical

After a 2 month wait, the CIRB issued a certificate for the 15 clerical employees of UPS London to join the Teamsters Local 879 family.

Welcome aboard.

Total Membership – 15 clerical employees.


Hotz Enviromental Employee Injured

Tyrone Parker, a six year employee at Hotz Enviromental, was severely injured in an industrial accident at their facility on Thursday July 14, 2011. According to Union Steward and Health and Safety rep, Troy Upper, Tyrone was injured when his leg was accidentally crushed by another truck while putting hose on his vacuum truck. The Ministry of Labour as well as Hotz’s own Health and Safety deptartment are doing a full investigation.

Please join everyone here at Local 879 and keep Tyrone and his family in your thoughts and prayers for a full recovery.

We will keep you updated as to Tyrone’s condition.


2011 Essay Contest

The James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund is holding a 2011 Essay Contest. The contest commences July the 1st, 2011 with a Deadline date of September the 30th, 2011. You can receive an application on-line at www.teamsters.org or from the Teamsters Local 879 office in Hamilton. Please call (905) 547-3231 or 1-(800) 528-8879.

Each applicant must:

  • Be the son, daughter or grandchild of an eligible Teamster member.
  • Be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate college, university, community college program or a technical or vocational program.
  • Be 23 years old or younger by September the 30th, 2011.

*Please note that the essay must be at the International by September 30, 2011. So please make arrangements to have it delivered to our office in Time so that we can ensure International receives it by the deadline.

The applicant must compose, on a separate sheet, a type-written essay of 500 words or less. Essays will not be returned.

The 2011 Essay Contest topic is:

  • What action or strategy would you recommend that the Teamsters take to increase student interest and participation in the fight for worker justice?

Only completed applications will be considered.


Lafarge Woodstock

Business Representative Ernest Bishop of Teamsters Local 879 and Lafarge Ready-Mix in Woodstock have just radified a three year deal.


Lafarge Slag

Teamsters Local 879 Business Representative Ernie Bishop has ratified a new 5-year agreement with Lafarge Slag in Hamilton.


King Paving

After a lengthy Arbitration battle, Teamsters Local 879 Business Representative Ernie Bishop won an Arbitration case against King Paving allowing a driver from King Paving back to work with all back pay.



CUPW National President made the following statement at a press conference:

For Immediate Release

OTTAWA – The national president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers responded to a nation-wide lockout today by calling on the recently hired CEO of Canada Post, Deepak Chopra, to change his negotiators’ tune.

“We want to arrange an immediate meeting with Deepak Chopra,” said Denis Lemelin, National President of CUPW at a press conference today.

“At this meeting, we will request three things:

1. We want Mr. Chopra to make a public commitment that CPC will permit our members to deliver social assistance cheques. This was an initiative of the union.

2. We want Mr. Chopra to agree to reinstate our contract and we will return to work and keep negotiating. We have already made this offer.

3. We want Mr. Chopra to provide CPC’s negotiators with a new mandate. Until now their only mandate has been to say ‘No’ to our proposals such as health and safety solutions, and make demands for major concessions on issues such as sick leave and lower wages for new workers.”

CUPW points out that Canada Post’s “No” is, by their own admission, costing them dearly. “They are claiming that our rotating strikes have cost them $100 million in 12 days,” said Lemelin.  “It would cost them much less to deal with us fairly and negotiate a contract.”

I personally would like to add; How does shutting down the mail nation wide help reduce the loss in revenues CPC is complaining about. CUPW’s strategy of rotating strikes was a minimal inconvenience to in order to bring the company to the negotiating table to talk in earnest. CPC’s tactic of denying all Canadians of mail service is irresponsible and should cause all of us to question if the postal service to the public is ever a priority with Canada Post?

In Solidarity,

Tom Garbatt

Local 574 President

Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Cell: 905 932 0809


WFS Member: Update

Just an update on Mark Thibert of WFS.

He is still in critical condition in a Michigan hospital and the next few days will be a make or break for him. His fellow employees have started a trust fund for him at a financial institution in Windsor. Local 879 have agreed to kick in $1000 as a start. The local will be sending a letter to the other locals in Canada to hopefully get some support.

The employer WFS has agreed to cover all hotel costs for the immediate family while they are staying in Michigan so they can be with him and not worry about cost or travel.

John McCann


Teamsters Union Local 879


APD/Teamsters: Update

On June the 13th, 2011, after a full day at the Labour Board, it has been ruled by the Board that the Parts Delivery Contractors at APD (All Parts Delivery) in London and the surrounding area are Dependent Contractors and therefore new members of Teamsters Local 879.

Welcome aboard.

Total Membership – 30 Delivery Employees.


Kids Project

The St. Catharines and District United Way is in the running for a $25,000.00 grant from the Keg Spirit Foundation, to be used toward the United Way’s Backpacks for Kids project.

To receive the $25,000.00 grant, the United Way needs the support of internet voters.  Please take a minute to visit http://www.thekegthanksamillion.com/en/phase2/projects/show/r/28  (from as many e-mail addresses as you can) and vote for the St. Catharines and District United Way’s Backpacks for Kids project.  You can vote once per day from each address for the next four days.

The Backpacks for Kids project makes backpacks full of school supplies available to hundreds of Niagara students whose families cannot afford back-to-school shopping in September.

Daniel Peat
Niagara Regional Labour Council
(905) 892-6524 office
(905) 933-1889 cellular


Wolverine Freight Member Hurt

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please join with the Staff and Executive Board of Teamsters Local Union # 879 in praying for Brother Mark Thibert, a driver for Wolverine Freight Systems and member of Teamsters Union Local 879 in Windsor, Ontario. Brother Thibert was badly injured on Wednesday night will hauling freight in Michigan. His truck exploded after a collision on I-94, and Mark was burned over 90% of his body. If it wasn’t for the quick actions of a good Samaritan, Michael Widmark, he may not have survived. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Brother Thibert and his family and we will keep all updated as information comes in.


John F. McCann


Teamsters Local Union # 879


UPS Brantford Clerical

On May the 11th, 2011, after all the evidence from both parties was reviewed, the CIRB issued the Certification for the Clerical employees of the UPS Brantford center as new members of Teamsters Local 879.

Welcome aboard.

Total Membership – 6 Clerical employees


Facebook and Teamsters

For 18 months now, Teamsters Canada has been active in social networks, disseminating quality information to its members as well as to politicians and the Canadian public. Our posts on Facebook are viewed thousands of times each month by our members and fan page subscribers. This success did not happen overnight and required the officers and business agents to work together.

The Executive Board and Staff at Teamsters Local 879 would like to let you know that we plan to become even more active in the social networks in the months and years ahead. We owe much of our heightened visibility and positive image to you as members. Please checkout the Teamsters Canada, Teamsters Local 879 Facebook page’s as well as this site for updates in the world of the Teamsters Union movement.


APD/Teamsters Local 879 Vote

After a 3 1/2 week wait the sealed vote ballot box was opened at the Labour Board in downtown Toronto. After the votes were counted, the 34 employees of All Parts Delivery at the London and Dorchester facitities won there way into the union of their choice, Teamsters.

Welcome aboard.


Hutton Transport Limited

Teamsters Ratifies a Deal with Hutton Transport Limited


UPS St. Catharines Clerical

On April 29th, 2011, after all the evidence from both parties was reviewed, the CIRB issued the Certification for the UPS St. Catharines Clerical employees as new members of Teamsters Local 879.

Welcome aboard.

Total membership – 7 Clerical employees.


Onsort/Teamsters Negotiations

Negotiations are set to start between Onsort Material Management Inc. in London and Teamsters Local 879 on Tuesday, May the 17th/2011.


Alphagary Stoney Creek

Alphagary is closing it’s doors on Aug. 15 with the work going to the USA in a restructuring move by a large conglomerate that recently purchased the company. Teamsters Local 879 Vice President Jim Chalmers met with Company Executives today and was successful in negotiating an enhanced severance package for the 17 affected employees.


General Membership Meeting Date Change

The General Membership meeting that was being held on May the 29th at 10:00 a.m. in Hamilton has been changed to May the 15th at 9:00 a.m. in Hamilton. Following the GM meeting will be the Teamsters Ontario Women’s Caucus Meet & Greet.


Woodington Systems/Teamsters Local 879 Negotiations

Negotiations are over at Woodington Systems as Teamsters Local 879 members voted 100 percent in favour of accepting a three year Collective Agreement which saw increases to their wages and pension.


Hygrade Strike: Update #2

Teamsters Local 879 members of Hygrade voted 75% in favour of accepting the companies latest offer calling an end to a strike that was entering into week #3. Local 879 and the members at Hygrade would like to thank everyone who came by and supported them.


UPS Hamilton Airport P.M. Stewards Election

A Stewards election was held on Wednesday, April the 13th/2011 at 7:00 p.m. The results after the ballots were counted were, Chief Steward elected: Doreen Hughes and Alternate Steward elected: Cem Yurt.


Steelworkers Win Landmark Court Ruling on Pensions

The United Steelworkers (USW) union has won a landmark legal decision forcing an insolvent corporation to honour pension obligations to employees.

The Court of Appeal for Ontario ruled Thursday that Indalex Limited did not fulfill its fiduciary duties to employees – including United Steelworkers members – when the company filed for protection from creditors under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act in 2009.

The ruling, which will benefit USW members who worked at a former Indalex operation in Quebec, sets a precedent for providing greater benefits to pension plan members in cases of corporate insolvency. In many past cases, employees and pensioners have suffered drastic reductions in their pensions, as corporate assets were distributed first to creditors ranked ahead of pension plans.

“This is a remarkable victory for these workers and pensioners,” said Ken Neumann, the USW’s National Director for Canada.

“We hope this ruling sets a precedent to help protect the pensions of many other Canadians and convince our federal government to finally pass legislation to enhance the rights of pension plan members in bankruptcy cases,” Neumann said.

“This decision sends a message that companies must hear very clearly,” said Daniel Roy, United Steelworkers’ Quebec Director. “They cannot disregard or be indifferent to the commitments they have to their workers and pensioners.”

Toronto-based Indalex Limited, an aluminum extrusions manufacturer, wound up its employee pension plan on Dec. 31, 2006. At that time, the plan was underfunded.

In 2009, Indalex filed for CCAA protection and obtained interim financing to continue operations while it sought to sell its assets. Indalex sold substantially all of its assets in a court-approved sale on July 20, 2009.

At the hearing that approved the 2009 sale, the United Steelworkers argued the company should use proceeds of the sale to satisfy pension plan deficiencies. The CCAA judge rejected those arguments, prompting the appeal by the USW and other pension plan members.

In a unanimous ruling issued Thursday, a three-judge panel of the Court of Appeal upheld the USW’s appeal.

“Indalex knew that the plans were under-funded and that unless more funds were put into the plans, pensions would have to be reduced,” Madam Justice Eileen Gillese stated in the court’s decision.

“The decisions that Indalex was unilaterally making had the potential to affect the plans’ beneficiaries’ rights, at a time when they were particularly vulnerable.”


Hygrade Employees Support (Update)

A Word From the President

Sisters and Brothers,

Please be advised that Teamsters Local 879 members working at a specialized concrete production facility called Hygrade Precast Concrete, in St. Catharines Ontario are entering their third week on strike and looking for support. Please have a look at the attached link from the St. Catharines Standard newspaper regarding the strike and those of you who may be in the area are encouraged to stop by their workplace on First St. in South St. Catharines to lend your support. Remember to checkout the official “Teamsters Local 879 Facebook site€ for updates. http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=3066429

On behalf of our striking Brothers we thank you for your support.


John F. McCann


Teamsters Local Union # 879


All Parts Delivery/Teamsters Local 879

On April 4, 2011 the employees at the All Parts Delivery locations in London and Dorchester, requested that Teamsters Local 879 submit an “Application for Certification” to the Ontario Labour Relations Board.


Update: A vote for the employees (drivers) at 5 London and area locations to join the Teamsters Local 879 will take place on Monday, April the 11th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. For details check the upcoming events page.



Frustrated workers are currently refusing to leave Ontario Legislature in protest of defeat of anti-scab law

(Toronto) €“ In an impromptu demonstration of frustration, a group of workers caught in protracted labour disputes are refusing to leave the gallery of the Queen€™s Park Legislature to protest the defeat of a private members€™ bill that would ban the use of temporary replacement workers. The ongoing sit-in began today when the government refused to allow Bill 45 to go to third reading and cancelled all debate on the restoration of labour rights in Ontario.

€œThere are workers in cities across the province who have been hung out to dry by this government. In Brantford, the employees of Engineered Coated Products have been left dangling on the picket lines for two and a half years as the employer continued to bus scabs past them while refusing to bargain,€ said OFL President Sid Ryan. €œIt is disgraceful that Premier McGuinty has refused to take action to resolve these disputes and protect workers€™ rights.€

After a rally held today at Queen۪s Park to call on the McGuinty government to restore employee rights that were stripped away by the Mike Harris government over a decade ago, the government voted down Bill 45, the Labour Relations Amendment Act. Proposed by NDP MPP France G̩linas, the Bill would have banned the use of temporary replacement workers during labour disputes and required employers to bargain fairly with their employees. In refusing to allow the Bill to pass to third reading, McGuinty cancelled further discussion and debate about Ontario۪s employer-biased labour laws.

€œThe workers who are currently occupying the Legislature are desperate and fed up with being treated like second class citizens next to their employers,€ said Ryan. €œIf the Premier is going to allow employers to abuse workers and exploit lax labour laws, then what is he going to do to protect their livelihoods and support their families?€

€œThese workers deserve an audience with the Premier and he should have the courage to look at the devastation in their faces,€ said Ryan. €œIt is time that the Premier addressed their concerns and proposed measures to protect workers€™ rights. These workers are prepared to stay until they are heard.€

The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) represents 54 unions and one million workers in Ontario.

For further Information:

Sid Ryan, President, OFL, 416.209.0066 (mobile)

Joel Duff, Communications Director, OFL, 416.707.0349 (mobile) *ENGLISH/FRENCH*

Lynn Simmons, Communications Department, OFL, 416.668.7480 (mobile)



Onsort Material Management Inc – The Boards Decision

In the case of Teamsters Union Local 879 vs. Onsort Material Management Inc, the Board has made its decision in the union€™s favour and a certificate will be issued to the union. The decision was released on March 24, 2011 and a copy of the decision has been mailed to the Local. The vote co-ordinator called Teamsters local 879 Legal department yesterday to inform them of the decision and to inform us that the employer is obligated to post the decision immediately.

In summary, the Board held that:

€œ…even if the [employer€™s] allegations are true, any reasonable and sensible employees hearing the statements and viewing the impugned flyer would not be so misled as to be deprived of the ability to exercise their “critical faculties” in assessing whether it is in their best interests to vote for or against the union. Accordingly, I find that none of the allegations, even true, could result in a finding that the union engaged in intimidation or coercion. €œ


Cooperation Agreement

The National Automobile, Aerospace, Transportation, General Workers Union of Canada (CAW) and Teamsters Canada agree to foster respect and positive relations with each other. The Unions agree that as a fundamental principle organized workers are entitled to proper representation from their union, and that this should occur without interference from another union. To these ends the Unions agree to encourage cooperation between their organizations and further commit not to interfere with the other union’s members, undermine or make disparaging comments about each other.


Park n’ Fly

On February 2,2011, Teamsters Local Union No. 31 became certified to represent the employees of Park n’ Fly Airport Parking in Vancouver’s YVR Airport. As a result, the Company has offered a discount to all Teamster members across Canada.

Park n’ Fly has secure parking facilities in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, Montreal and Edmonton and is offering a 25% discount on parking services at these facilities.

To secure a quote and print a coupon to park your car at a Park n’ Fly lot during your upcoming air travel, please follow these instructions on the internet:

1. Go to www.parknfly.ca

2. Under ‘Find the Best Rate for your Stay’ enter your departure and arrival dates.

3. Click on the + sign beside ‘Do you have a Discount Code?’ Enter the number 59063 in the space provided.

4. click on the city in which your car will be parked.

5. Click on the ‘Click here for specials’ button.

6. At the next screen, it will display your discount rate. Click on the ‘Quick Rate’ button. A new window will open allowing you to print your coupon with your bar code.

If you have any questions, please call (604) 540-6009.


Hygrade Precast Concrete

45 employees at Hygrade Precast Concrete at 2411 First Street Louth in St. Catharines are on Strike. The 2 big issues that made them decide to walkout on Sunday evening are monetary and respect in the workplace.

If you happen to be in the area, please stop by, honk in support and maybe drop them a coffee and a treat. Your support is appreciated.


Hotz Environmental /Teamsters Local 879

Ratified a 5-year deal.

Wages and benefits increases with a new RRSP pension.


A First in Canada

On January the 7th/2011, Teamsters Local 879 submitted an Application for Certification to the Canada Industrial Relations Board to certify 13 clerical employees of the UPS Stoney Creek facility.

On March the 16th/2011, after all the evidence from both parties was reviewed, the CIRB issued the first official Certification in Canada to the Clerical employees of UPS Stoney Creek.

From all of us at Teamsters Local 879, welcome aboard.

Total Membership: 13 clerical employees.


Another Victory for 879
Teamsters Local 879 vs. Onsort Material Management Inc

On January the 10th/2011 our Membership Development Coordinator Jim Killey met with a group of employees that worked through Job Shoppe and Renaissance Temp agencies for a company called Onsort Material Management Inc. in London, Ontario. Onsort had been keeping these approx. 140 employees employed for years through the Temp companies which truly is not what temp agencies were designed for – Bill 139.

On January the 27th/2011 Teamsters 879 filed a ULP with the Ontario Labour Relations Board citing that the employer was interfering in our Union drive to get cards signed. The OLRB agreed with our argument and on March the 3rd Teamsters settled with Onsort to allow us to go into the workplace for three 20 minute meetings with all the employees.

Then on March the 10th a vote was held by the Board to allow the employees a chance to vote yes or no to having Teamsters 879 represent them in the workplace. When the voting was done the ballots were then counted and at 3:45 p.m. on Thursday, March the 10th/2011 Teamsters 879 became the Union of choice to the employees at Onsort London. The count was 95 for Teamsters 879 to 28 Onsort. Below are a few pictures of the people that made it all happen.

Congratulations to the Employees at Onsort London as New Teamster 879 Members.

Left to Right: Jim Killey (Membership Development Coordinator for Teamsters 879), Buryl Wilson, Joyel Wilson, Chris Wilson and Fitos Vritsios (Teamsters Canada).

 Left to Right: Fitos Vritsios (Teamsters Canada) and Jim Killey (Membership Development Coordinator for Teamsters 879).

*A special thanks to Teamsters Canada and Teamsters Canada National Organizer Fitos Vritsios for all your support.

Total Membership: 130 warehouse employees.


Purolator Clerical

On December the 3rd/2010, an application was filed with the Labour Board for a certificate to be applied to Purolator Courier for their Clerical staff in Owen Sound.

Thanks to Business Agent Barb Adam and Membership Development Coordinator Jim Killey, it was ratified on February 24th/2011 and implemented on March 1st/2011.

Total Membership: 3 administrative clerical staff.

Welcome aboard.