Welcome to all the new members that joined in 2013

  • Purolator Mount Hope (clerical)
  • Miller Waste Owen Sound
  • Hargest Concrete
  • NLS International
  • Port Burwell Volunteer Firefighters
  • Oakgroup Automotive


New Ratifications

All the groups below have just ratified multi year deals with Teamsters Local Union #879.

  • Purity Zinc Metals
  • Town of Leamington
  • Tepperman’s in Windsor
  •  Sarnia Concrete
  • Prince Metal Products
  • Wolverine Transport
  • Verspeeten Cartage
  • SEIU Local 1
  • Hargest Concrete (a first collective agreement)


Salvation Army Donation

On Friday December the 20th/2013, a Salvation Army representative arrived at the Teamsters Local Union #879 London office to accept a cheque from the local in the amount of $8, 450.00.

President McCann and Secretary Treasurer Chalmers, presented the cheque that will go towards the Salvation Army’s Christmas food hampers for London and the surrounding area.

Salvation Army donation


Proud to be a Teamster

My heartfelt thank-you to the Teamsters Local Union 879 on behalf of myself, Phil Owen and my family.

I was working as a Truck Driver of 15 years at Modern Landfill Inc.  When I fell off my truck on a Icy winter day hitting the pavement on my back. I reported it to the company right away, my pain progressed.

I was turned down by WSIB, for my injury.  I then contacted my Business Representative Danny Mitchell to let him know.  He put me in contact with Dave Adamson our Teamster WSIB consultant, we met and he started my appeal.  Dave Adamson worked for many months on my appeal collecting information to fight on my behalf, and I thank him for his hard work and dedication to my WSIB appeal.

Then there is Danny Mitchell, Teamsters Local 879 Business Representative.  After a very major back operation and a long road back to health, my spirits were not the best, knowing that I will be living with a permanent Injury.   Danny Mitchell phoned me to update me on things, on quite a regular basis and to say the least, man he makes me laugh and picked my spirits up with every phone call.   When situations came up Danny was there front and centre no time wasted. He worked and fought on my behalf for all of my rights as a worker!

As of December 19, 2013 David Adamson called to tell me my Appeal was won!

Thank-you again Danny Mitchell and David Adamson and all Teamsters at my local 879.


Phillip Owen


Stewards Seminar

Local 879 held a seminar for new stewards on December 17th. Stewards from various companies attended the Seminar that was held at our new location in Stoney Creek.

President John McCann and Secretary Treasurer Jim Chalmers would like to thank all the new stewards to the program and hope that they took away the necessary tools that will make them better stewards.

They would also like to recognize Local 879 Trustee Lenna Phenix and Business Agent Danny Mitchell for a fine job at hosting the seminar.

Stewards seminar 1 Stewards seminar 2 Stewards seminar 3 Stewards seminar 4 Stewards seminar 5


Purolator Retail Clerical in Mount Hope Join Teamsters

I am proud to announce that the clerical retail employees at Purolator Mount Hope have joined the Teamsters family.

Welcome on board.


Armoured Car Industry

Teamsters, Ministerial Advisers Meet in Ottawa

Jim Chalmers, Armoured Car Director and Phil Benson met with Ministerial Staff in Ottawa at Minister Blaney’s office where we continued the discussion on armoured car issues that we had started last month with the Minister in Calgary.

The concern for the safety of industry workers and the public was evident in the discussions. The meeting was productive and Teamsters Canada expects the dialogue will continue in 2014.

The 30-minute discussions were about stricter hiring policies and procedures in the armoured car industry. Brothers Chalmers and Benson also discussed how to implement changes that would make it safer for employees and the public. A pilot project might be put together to assess the impact on the industry.


Locked out Teamsters buy “Christmas Carol” Tickets for Corporate Funeral Scrooge

CEO Scrooge


Members Vote on YRCW Proposal

YRCW Proposal


Teamsters Call on Ontario Teachers Pension Plan to Stop Abuse of U.S. Workers

Teamsters, EXAL Corp. Workers Rally to Hold Canadian Investor Accountable

Teamsters rallied outside the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (Teachers’) offices today, publicly calling on Teachers’ to stop worker and human rights abuses at EXAL Corp., an aluminum bottle manufacturer in Youngstown, Ohio. EXAL is owned and actively managed by the Canadian pension plan.

The demonstration took place during Toronto’s morning rush hour. Dozens of Teamsters chanted demands urging Teachers’ to stop using the hard-earned pension assets of Ontario’s unionized teachers to deny U.S. workers their right to organize and collectively bargain.

“Teachers’ proclaims a commitment to socially responsible investing, while actively promoting and financing a vicious campaign of fear and intimidation against workers in the United States at EXAL,” said Robert Bouvier, President of Teamsters Canada. “We are here to call on Teachers’ to step up and end this worker abuse.”

“We are united in the fight to protect the rights of workers in Canada, the U.S. and around the world. We will hold the Teachers’ accountable to their commitments as a responsible investor,” said Randy Doner, President of Teamsters Joint Council 52 in Canada.

After EXAL workers began organizing with Teamsters Local 377 in Youngstown, Ohio, early in 2012, management began aggressively intimidating and retaliating against union supporters.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the federal agency responsible for enforcing labor law in the U.S., found that EXAL unlawfully harassed, interrogated, threatened and spied on workers who support joining the Teamsters.

“I am not the only one who lost everything. Management wanted to make an example of me for taking on the role of the union activist,” said Daniel Szenborn, a seven-year EXAL employee in Youngstown who was terminated by the company in February. The NLRB found that Szenborn was harassed and spied on by EXAL management.

“EXAL Corporation and Teachers’ continue to subject workers to intimidation and harassment, simply because the workers want to better their lives and join the union,” said Ralph “Sam” Cook, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 377. “All we want is for these workers to be able to exercise their right to hold a fair election free from management influence or interference.”

Teachers’ has refused repeated calls by the Teamsters, the Ontario Teachers’ Federation and the Canadian Labour Congress to take action to protect EXAL workers. As EXAL’s controlling owner, the pension plan has three representatives directly from the ranks of its Teachers’ Private Capital Division serving on EXAL’s board.

EXAL manufactures aluminum bottles for Coca-Cola and Pepsi, as well as Anheuser-Busch InBev brands, including Budweiser and Bud Light.


Dufferin Concrete Retirement Party

On Saturday, November 23, 2013 the Dufferin Concrete Burlington team held a Retirement party for 2 Current drivers and 2 past retired Drivers.

There are 3 pictures below identifying who they are …

  • 1st Picture includes: the entire Dufferin Concrete Burlington Team.
  • 2nd picture on the Left: (Gary Christie 26 Years) of Service and on the Right Don Glover 9 Years of Service
  • 3rd Picture Past and Present Retirees: from the Left, Harold Fiander – 43.5 Years of Service, Don Glover – 9 Years, Gary Christie – 26 Years and Far Right is David Densmore – 25 Years of service

Dufferin Concrete Burlington Team Retirement Party Nov 23 2013 Dufferin Concrete Burlington Retirement DRIVERS Left Gary Christie _ Right Don Glover Dufferin Concrete Burlington From Left _ Harold Fiander_Don Glover _ Gary Christie _ David Densmore Nov 23 2013


Demonstration in Toronto

A demonstration will be held at the Ontario Teachers Pension Fund (OTPF) offices in Toronto on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 at 7:00 a.m.

Reason: it would appear that the Teamsters, while organizing a company called EXAL (OTPF owns the majority of the shares at EXAL), they encountered difficulties with a union busting company that had been employed by EXAL to prevent any possible organizing.

The IBT and Teamsters Canada have made numerous requests to the OTPF to speak to the management team at EXAL to allow the members to decide for themselves. All efforts however, have failed at this point and therefore a demonstration has been planned to be held outside the offices of the OTPF for the purposes of bringing this matter to the attention of the general public and the members of Teamsters Canada.

All Teamsters local union members are encouraged to join us for the demonstration at 5650 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario.

If you plan on joining us please send me an e-mail so I can put you on the list as an attendee.

In solidarity,

Jim Killey



Big Companies, Big Tax Breaks

A must watch! How are they getting away with it?



United Airlines Mechanics Call for Pension Reinstatement

United Airlines Mechanics


Teamsters Kick Off “IKEA Hurts Families” Campaign

The Teamsters debuted a new campaign website, www.ikeahurtsfamilies.com to showcase how the Canadian store is violating workers’ human rights by featuring videos from the November 7, 2013 International Commission of Inquiry.

Check our IKEA page for more information on the IKEA Richmond, BC lockout or click on the link below,



A New Chapter in the 879 Journey

A new chapter was written in the journey of Teamsters Local Union #879 on Sunday as the local held their first General Membership meeting at the new location of the head office in Stoney Creek.

All members that were present were given a personal tour of the new facility by local President John McCann and Secretary Treasurer Jim Chalmers.

GM meeting5  GM meeting4  GM meeting3  GM meeting2  GM meeting1


March of Dimes-Locked Out

Sisters and Brothers,

Our members from Local 262, March of Dimes Oakville were locked out this morning when they reported for work.  The employer wants concessions and a 6-year term to the contract with no wage increases until the 4th year when they are offering a whopping 1%.  This is a shameful offer to make to the dedicated employees, most of whom are part-time and have a starting wage of $14 per hour.  The consumers of their services are fully supportive of the members and in fact, some of them joined the picket line today.   The employer is bringing in replacement workers and management to do the work of our members.

It is important to note that the Director of Human Resources, Chris Harrison, who has been at the bargaining table has used the exact same threats and tactics with several March of Dimes locations across Ontario.   It appears that this is their strategy, to intimidate and bully our hard working members.  By the way, while Mr. Harrison demands that our members take 0’s, he received an 8% wage increase.  It is likely that he is being directed to gut our contracts by CEO, Andrea Spindel.  Ms. Spindel received a 13% increase making her salary $270,000.

This employer has refused to come back to the table and has suggested that if the members are willing to accept their last, appalling offer, they can come back to work.  This is not bargaining and is unacceptable.

Please help support our members by doing any, or all of the following:

In Sol,

Deb, Eddy, Lucy


McDonald’s New Zealand has sacked union delegate Sean Bailey for speaking out about poor working conditions before a Parliamentary Select Committee.

His testimony exposed McDonald’s failure to provide meal breaks for staff working long shifts.

After appearing before the committee, Bailey was sent a disciplinary letter from McDonald’s claiming his testimony breached obligations to his employer.

This is outrageous.

Parliament rules make it clear that it is illegal to disadvantage people for providing evidence.

McDonald’s is victimising a committed union activist for daring to expose the shoddy way it treats its workers.

Take a second to send an email to demand Sean Bailey’s reinstatement – click here to support the IUF campaign.

Thank you!

Eric Lee


D.C. Taxi Operators

The Teamster-affiliated Washington, D.C. Taxi Operators Association is calling on Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray to publicly apologize for the shameful and callous comment made by his spokesman in an article about the lawsuit filed by the association.

Join us in demanding an apology from the Mayor’s Office to the drivers for the offensive remark. Gray’s spokesman insulted every driver in the city with his remark that “we barely have a third-world taxicab system in this city.”

The statement is offensive and it demeans the more than 6,000 taxicab drivers in the District, many of whom are from developing countries in Africa and the Middle East. Those words are hurtful to each and every driver who works long days—often up to 16 hours, seven days a week—and who earn about $25,000 to $30,000 per year providing a valuable service. The comments also demean an honorable profession that has a long, proud history in the District of being an economic lifeline for African Americans and the immigrant community struggling to provide for their families.

Drivers have sought a meeting with the Mayor’s Office about a moratorium on fines and towing because in many cases newly mandated credit card machines are not working properly, and the newly required dome lights were not available by the Nov. 1 deadline.

As a result, the District has towed and impounded drivers’ vehicles, causing economic distress. Many drivers have been forced to stay at home, losing their income. Hundreds of drivers and their families are being harmed.

Rather than discuss what steps the District might take to help the drivers, or at the very least listen to their concerns, the Mayor’s Office attempts to slap them down. Drivers are outraged and shocked that a spokesman for the mayor of such a diverse city as Washington, D.C., would resort to insensitive and hurtful words. Drivers have long believed that their voices did not count to the Mayor’s Office, contributing to their frustration and anger. Those concerns have now been justified.

The drivers, through their new association affiliated with Teamsters Local 922, filed suit to stop the District from towing taxis and issuing fines to drivers who have been unable to install new dome lights or are saddled with unreliable credit card machines.

Join us in demanding an apology from the Mayor’s Office to the drivers for the offensive remark.


Armoured Car Industry Screening



Handi Transit Workers Ratify New Agreement

Teamsters Local 879 members at Handi Transit in Windsor ratified a new 3-year agreement on November the 1, 2013.

Business Representative Dan (DJ) DiGiovanni informed the 879 Executive Board that he has secured a new 3-year deal with Handi Transit (specialized transportation service) with a first year financial lump sum and 2.2% over the following 2 years of the contract.

He also wanted to give a shout out to his steward John Brunelle for the tremendous help he was at the bargaining table.


Another Harper Bill

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s new budget implementation bill puts workers’ lives at risk and we need your help now to stop it.

Buried deep in the 308 pages his finance minister just tabled are amendments to the Canada Labour Code that would make the federal health and safety law on the right to refuse dangerous work the weakest in the country and endanger the lives of hundreds of thousands of workers.

Bill C-4 will weaken the existing right of workers to refuse dangerous work. Exposure to hazardous substances likely to result in a chronic illness, disease, or damage to the reproductive system will no longer be a valid reason for a worker to invoke the right to refuse dangerous work.

Imagine, knowing what we know about asbestos exposure, that a federal worker would now be unable to refuse dangerous work if his employer told him to remove asbestos from a workplace without proper safety gear?

Imagine, knowing what we know today about the impact of certain chemicals on women’s reproductive health, that a worker would no longer have the right to refuse dangerous if her employer gave her work that exposed her to those chemicals?

Conservative proposals would make the Canada Labour Code the only health and safety laws in the country that would make it legal for an employer to discipline a worker who refuses dangerous work.It’s a dangerous precedent that must be stopped now!

You can help stop this now! Let your MP know what you think about the Harper government’s move to endanger the lives of workers. Email your MP now


Washington Taxi Drivers


Washington, D.C. Taxi Operators Association To Provide Strong Voice For Drivers

(WASHINGTON) – Cab drivers in the nation’s capital are joining together with the Teamsters Union to announce the formation of the new Washington, D.C. Taxi Operators Association.

The association is being created to give the more than 6,000 taxi cab drivers in Washington, who are independent owner- or lease-operators, a united, collective voice for positive change in their industry. The association will be affiliated with Teamsters Local 922 in Washington. The first meeting will be held Oct. 29.

“For far too long, taxi drivers in Washington, D.C., have not had a strong voice to provide input about regulations and policies that affect their livelihoods,” said Ferline Buie, President of Teamsters Local 922. “Their new association with Teamsters Local 922 will give them the strong voice they need and deserve.”

The drivers approached the Teamsters because they need to have input on regulations before they take effect. They want a stronger voice and more representation on the D.C. Taxi Cab Commission.

“This is about fairness for more than 6,000 drivers and their families, and it’s about improving the taxi cab service in our nation’s capital,” said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa.

Drivers do not oppose fair regulations, but the way in which the regulations have been imposed—with a lack of driver input—has been unfair. They also need more time for the current regulations to take effect. They also are finding that that the regulations being imposed cost more than first believed, and they should not have to shoulder all of the costs. To have their cabs painted as required, drivers face costs upwards of $1,100. New dome lights cost about $450, double what drivers initially were told. Service fees and transaction fees for new credit card machines are burdensome, and vendors are taking a very long time to pay drivers.

Already struggling to make ends meet, the average driver earns just $25,000 to $30,000 a year. Many work seven days a week and 16-hour days are not uncommon. Drivers must make car or lease payments and pay for repairs and maintenance. They spend as much as $40 per day on fuel and $100 or more per month for auto insurance.

“Our goal is to provide safe, reliable service to our customers,” said Jesse Black, a driver for nearly 40 years. “To do that, we need a strong voice, and our association with the Teamsters will give us that voice.”

Last year, Teamsters Local 117 in Seattle organized more than 500 taxi drivers into the Western Washington Taxicab Operators Association. The association works closely with the union to improve working conditions for taxi cab operators throughout the Seattle area.

The first meeting of the Washington, D.C. Taxi Operators Association will be held Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 4 p.m. at Teamsters Local 639, 3100 Ames Place, NE, Washington, DC  20018.


National Freight Agreement – Update

National Freight News Update


Made In The USA: Tim Hudak’s Plan To Cut Your Wages

Right-to-work laws, known in union circles as “free rider” laws, allow individuals in unionized workplaces to receive the benefits of union representation without paying the dues that make those benefits possible.

In Canada, such laws would run counter to an historic 1946 ruling by Supreme Court Justice Ivan Rand. In the U.S., in contrast, the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947 rolled back union-friendly laws from the Roosevelt era and permitted right-to-work laws in states that chose to adopt them.

Click the following link to view an interesting video produced by the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU)



TOWC Bowling Tournament

The Teamsters Ontario Women’s Caucus (TOWC) held their 2nd annual “Bragging Rights” Bowling Tournament Fundraiser for the TOWC on Saturday October 19, 2013 at the Brunswick Zone Bowling Alley in Mississauga.

With 50 bowlers and 10 teams from various Ontario Teamster Locals – – the RIVALRY was “ON”!  Spirits were high and the competitiveness even higher with creative Team Names and Shirts.

Teamsters Local 938 worked hard to defend their “Bragging Rights” TITLE from last year, however they fell to Teamsters Local 419.

Congratulations to Teamsters Local 419 on their win!  Huge thanks to the Teamsters Ontario Locals for all their support. It was another successful event and a great time was had by all!

Lenna Phenix


Teamsters Ontario Women’s Caucus


First Agreement with Norspec Filtration

On August 15th, 2013, employees at Norspec Filtration in Sarnia Ontario ratified their first agreement since joining the Teamsters.

They ratified a three (3) year agreement by 100% with a 7% wage increase (life of agreement), improvements to their boot/clothing allowance, new overtime, vacation, vacation entitlement, hours of work language and maintained their present benefit and pension packages.

Business Representative Danny (DJ) DiGiovanni would like to thank steward Bernice Anderson for a job well done. Danny believes that Sister Anderson will put her heart and soul into representing the members to the very best of her capacity.


Construction Worker Falls to Death

The tragic death of a construction worker has led Ministry of Labour (MOL) inspectors to shut down a Waterloo construction site until fall protection controls are implemented.

Twenty-three year-old Nick Lalonde fell to his death from the 12th floor of a Waterloo high-rise on October 11, 2013. Lalonde had been installing masonry block.

Following Lalonde’s death, MOL inspectors visited the site and issued 17 orders to Maison Canada—a Waterloo property management company that manages the high-rise under construction. Each order related to a violation of Ontario’s Occupational Health & Safety Act (the Act) and regulations. Among these orders was a requirement for Maison Canada to ensure a joint health and safety committee is established.

Five of the violations were deemed to pose immediate danger and stop work orders were issued. Each of these orders related directly to a lack of fall protection controls.

Regulations under the Act require safe work procedures and training for workers exposed to fall-related hazards. Specifically, workers required to use a fall protection system must be adequately trained in its use. Additionally, employers must keep a record of this training and instruction and provide it to a MOL inspector upon request.

To help workplaces comply with legal training requirements and implement effective fall prevention programs the Workers Health & Safety Centre already offers two comprehensive training programs: Work at Heights and Fall Protection Program (Construction Sector).

Participants come away with a full understanding of the types of fall protection; specific components of fall restraint and arrest systems, as well the safe use, inspection, maintenance and storage of ladders and the legal and design requirements for guardrails and bump lines.

Want more information on these WHSC training programs?

Want to learn more about WHSC training and information services?
Call:   1-888-869-7950
Visit:   www.whsc.on.ca
Email: contactus@whsc.on.ca


DHL Express Ratified

10.11.13 DHL Ratification


Funeral Directors Rally



Moving Notice – Hamilton Office

Moving Notice – Hamilton office


History of Teamsters Canada

Historic TC


Teamsters Local #879 Ratifies new deal

Teamsters Local Union #879 ratified a new 5 year deal with Cooney Bulk Sales Ltd. In their agreement were increases to their wages.


Merit Low Wage Plan

Here is a piece on Merit’s low wage plan.  Please read this article and forward the link to your members:


We want this to spread quickly across the province/country.


Josh Bizjak

Director of Outreach and Development

T: 613 857 2538 | jbizjak@broadbentinstitute.ca



Deadline Approaching for Scholarship Fund Essay Contest

The deadline, September 30, is soon approaching for essays to be considered to win a one-time $1,000 award for children and dependent grandchildren of Teamster members. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of James R. Hoffa, the Fund will award 100, one-time awards of $1,000 each.

This year’s essay topic:  What would you say to someone who says the following?  “Unions were important at one time, but we don’t need them anymore.”

Eligibility requires  that essay entries be from a son, daughter or dependent grandchild of an eligible Teamster member.  The entrant must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate college, university or community college program or a technical or vocational program; and is 23 years old or younger by September 30, 2013.


Halloween Haunt

Halloween Haunt starts Friday October 4th and runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October as well as Thursday October 24th.

Click on the “Deals for Members” page for more information on a members discount for this event.


Funeral Industry Giant SCI Committed Unfair Labor Practices, Labor Board Says

Funeral NLB Charges


PLCAC Student Bursary Program

PLCAC Student Bursary Program


Teamsters Organizes Miller Waste

The Teamsters Local Union #879 and Miller Waste in Owen Sound met at the Labour Board on Monday September the 30th to count the remaining ballots. The count was 16 for the union and 15 against.

A close one, however the employees spoke and are now members of Teamsters Local Union #879.

Miller Waste in Owen Sound is the first waste division within Miller to be organized.

Welcome to Teamsters


The Teamsters Ontario Women’s Caucus

Bragging Rights Bowling Tournament FUNDRAISER  

We are hoping each Ontario Teamsters Local Union will send at least one Team of 5 bowlers to compete for Bragging Rights and a little bit of rivalry amongst the Ontario Locals.  Just remember – the more teams that you enter, the better the chances of winning Bragging Rights!  

The event will be held on Saturday October 19, 2013 from 4pm-6pm at the Brunswick Zone, 2561 Stanfield Rd., Mississauga, ON.

The cost of $250.00 includes one team of 5 bowlers, 5 shoe rentals, 2 hours of bowling, and a bite to eat.  There will also be a 50/50 draw and a door prize.

We hope that you are up for the challenge

If you are interested you can email Lenna Phenix   lmphenix@kent.net


TOWC Meet & Greet – Cancellation

Cancellation Meet N Greet Invitation Windsor 2013


Highcrest Properties ratify new agreement

Highcrest Properties Dorchester pits ratified by 100% a new 3 year agreement in August with Teamsters Local Union #879.

Some improvements made to the agreement were a clothing/boot allowance, shared equally rotating overtime, increases to their pension plan and increases to their vision care.

Business Agent Marty Taylor would like to thank his steward Jason Pettitt for all his help during negotiations.


Wegmans Picket



UN Staff Union being Derecognized

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, is derecognizing the organization’s staff unions who represent 65,000 workers.

He will no longer negotiate with unions over issues like safety and security, welfare and conditions of service.

The people who work for the UN often risk their lives to do so.  In the last decade, 555 staff have been attacked and 200 killed.  They often work
in dangerous and hostile locations.

The UN Staff unions are calling for support from trade unionists everywhere.  They are demanding  that Ban Ki-moon respect labour rights
at the UN.  Please support the online campaign and spread the word:



Womens Conference – In Closing

IBT Women’s Conference Program

Womens Conference welcome

The 2013 IBT Women’s Conference has come to and end and again it was an amazing event. The Teamster men can definately take a lesson from the Teamster women with regards to putting on an event.

With almost 1000 delegates in attendance, the 3 day event had powerful speakers, interesting workshops, a great reception and as usual a huge Canadian contingent. Among the many highlites was the panel during the general session on the last day in which our own Sister Lenna Phenix, addressed the almost 900 delegates with an inspirational presentation on how she assisted in the formation of the Teamsters Ontario Woman’s Caucus as we know it today.

She was well spoken, wore the Teamster colours and made us all at Local 879 proud to call her our own. The appreciative crowd recognized her with a standing ovation and I have continually heard nothing but what a great job she did from all who were there.

I also want to say that Sister Barb Adam did an amazing job assisting in organizing the conference and making sure that all the 879 delegates were well looked after while in attendance and also made sure that the rank and file participants had their hotel and flights looked after.

Last but not least our Legal Counsel, Joanne McMahon, was a key player in the presentation of the Canadian workshop and made sure that the Canadian delegates had their own workshop at the event, which has not always been the case.

So in all Local 879 were major contributors to the success of the event and without their input and expertise I don’t think it would have went as smoothly as it did.

Great job Sisters!!!

John McCann


Teamsters Local Union #879


Ready-Mix Big 4

In August, Teamsters Local Union #879, Dufferin, LaFarge, CBM and Hogg ratified by 75% a 4-year agreement. It took several sets of negotiations that included 22 yards within the 4 companies.

They received a 2% per year wage increase, tightened language in their benefits which included 3 months of coverage in benefits after layoff, vision care and increases in their pension.

Business Representative Ernie Bishop would like to thank his committee of Mike Reitze of Hogg, Todd Woodburn and Herb Whitesell of CBM, Ron Appleyard and Kevin Goetx of Dufferin and Fernando Pereira and Blaine Barry of LaFarge for a job well done.

Ernie would also like to thank all of his members that came out to show support and to vote on vote day.


Womens Conference – Day #3

Day 3 started with a variety of workshops and a general session from 2-5 p.m. in which Sister Lenna Phenix will be participating in a panel to discuss how local Unions can form Women’s committee’s in their areas.


Some of 879’s delegates.



Womens Conference – Day #2

General S/T Ken Hall addresses the conference.

There is a big rally in support of UNITE-HERE as they try to organize the Harrah’s Hotel/Casino here in New Orleans. The entire conference will be rallying with them at 3:30 to send a message to the employer.



Teamsters Women get Fired up at New Orleans Conference

One thousand Teamster women — the most ever — are in New Orleans through Saturday to re-energize for the next year of battles against the enemies of working people.

Commentator Donna Brazile, a New Orleans native, fired up the crowd during the opening session today with a rock ’em, sock ’em speech about the attacks on workers. Brazile said the battle we’re fighting is unlike anything she’s ever seen. She had special scorn for Congress, who, she said, “is picking on people who are too busy working two minimum wage jobs to make ends meet.”



USW Picket

Bring flags, banners, noise makers, your family, friends and union brothers and sisters to the Liberal Convention.

Lets show them that we are not going to stop and lets defeat both the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives Austerity Agenda .

Please send to all your contacts and I hope to see you all there .

Thank you

Jake Lombardo

Local 1005

USW Picket


Together Fairness Works

Did you know that:

  • Canada falls in the bottom 3 of the world’s richest countries for the number of paid vacation days workers are entitled to;
  • The International Labour Organization recommends that the period of paid vacation shall in no case be less than three working weeks for one year of service;
  • All provinces, except Saskatchewan, allow for only 2 weeks of paid vacation to employees covered by labour standards, and;
  • Under Ontario’s labour standards, the 2 weeks per year of paid vacation is not extended to three weeks or more after a few years of service.

When workers stand up together for fairness:

  • Workers get more paid time off and more paid vacation time for a better work-life balance.
  • Not only do workers get more paid holidays, but also fairer processes to distribute paid holidays  and even turn overtime into more paid time off year round.
  • And together, more can be done, such as getting at least three weeks of paid vacation per year for all workers across Canada.

On September 18th, Local Union #879 sent a representative to attend the “TOGETHER FAIRNESS WORKS” campaign that was offering a number of leadership seminars as part of the CLC training for leaders and activists on membership, communication and engagement.

The seminars covered new techniques for engaging the members, workplace mapping and planning communication strategies, introduce new communications ideas and materials and provided local union leaders with a plan to integrate their activities in the “together FAIRNESS WORKS” campaign.

The seminar enabled local leaderships to identify activities and resources required for a successful campaign within their local unions.



Worker deaths lead to Fine

Vale Canada Limited (Vale) has been fined more than $1,000,000 for violating the Occupational Health & Safety Act (the Act) resulting in two miners being killed in June, 2011.

According to the Ministry of Labour (MOL), the charges stemmed from Vale failing to take reasonable precautions to prevent the movement of material through an ore pass at their Stobie Mine in Sudbury. As a result, Jason Chenier, 35, and Jordan Fram, 26, were killed when overcome by a sudden release of muck, sand and water.

A MOL investigation “found that there had been a hang-up of wet muck in the ore pass. The wet muck was a result of Vale not dealing with water issues in the mine.”

A plea-bargain, negotiated between Vale and the MOL, was accepted by the courts. Vale pleaded guilty to three counts violating section 25(2)(h) of the Act. This section places the duty on employers to “take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of a worker.”

The company was fined $350,000 for each of the three counts. The maximum fine for each charge under the Act is $500,000.

An additional six charges against Vale were dropped as part of the plea-deal, as were six charges against a supervisor.

The Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) offers a range of training programs designed to help all workplace parties better understand their duties and responsibilities outlined in the Act, the Mines and Mining Plants Regulation and other occupational health and safety legislation.

Want to know more about the Vale Canada Limited guilty plea and fine?

Want to learn more about WHSC training and information services?

Call:   1-888-869-7950

Visit:   www.whsc.on.ca

Email: contactus@whsc.on.ca


Ind. judge finds right-to-work unconstitutional

TOM LoBIANCO Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A Lake County judge has determined Indiana’s right-to-work law violates a provision in the state constitution barring the delivery of services “without just compensation.”

Lake Superior Court Judge John Sedia found the law wrongly requires unions to represent workers who do not pay dues. Indiana became the 23rd state in the nation to ban the collection of mandatory fees for representation from unions.

Since then, union lawyers have gone to the courts to try to overturn the law. Sedia issued an order last Thursday declaring the ban on collections and associated criminal penalties unconstitutional.

A spokesman for Attorney General Greg Zoeller says the state will appeal the ruling directly to Indiana’s Supreme Court.

Union spokesman Ed Maher calls the ruling a victory for the middle class and dues-paying members.


UPS Master Agreement

There have been quite a few UPS members that have been asking me if I could find out any information on the UPS Master agreement in the USA.

Below is a link to all the updated facts about the Master Agreement.



Teamsters Local Union #879 Annual Golf Classic

The Local 879 Annual Golf Classic was held on August 24th at the Ingersoll Golf Club. It was a great day with one hundred and twenty golfers enjoying gorgeous weather, great food and a beautiful golf course. This years winning foursome of the scramble tournament were Drew MacDonald, Bryan Balcarras, Doug McDougall and Kas Mankal shooting a score of 58.

The golf committee would like to thank the ladies of the Teamster Ontario Woman’s Caucus for all their help running the putting contest, helping with registration and taking all the pictures that accompany this write up. We would also like to give a special thanks to Debbie from the Hamilton office for all of her help.

The Executive Board of Local 879 and the golf committee would also like to thank all of the hole sponsors for their generous sponsorships as well as those who donated to our prize table.

We would also like to thank Adam Baylis and all the staff at the Ingersoll Golf Course for their hospitality and help in making this years Golf Classic one to remember.

Last but not least we would like to thank everyone that came out and we look forward to doing it all again next year.

Golf 5 Local 879 Golf Golf 6 Golf 1 Golf 7 Golf 8 Golf 9 Golf 10 Golf 11 Golf 2 Local 879 Golf 1 Local 879 Golf 3 golf 12 Local 879 Golf 4 Local 879 Golf 5 Local 879 Golf 6 Golf 3 Golf 4

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to send a HUGE Thanks on behalf of the TOWC and myself for the amazing opportunity to host a putt putt at our annual golf tournament.

This opportunity allowed us to raise much needed funds to keep our mission viable.  The putt putt was a lot of fun and we raised $480 along with your generous offer to share the proceeds of the TV raffle, bringing our grand total to $910.

Thank you as well for your hospitality,  I must say we had a very enjoyable day all the way around and we were very happy to help in any way needed .

I am so very proud to be part of such an amazing local!

You’re the best!

Much Appreciation!

Lenna Phenix


Teamsters Ontario Women’s Caucus


Lockout – Funeral Industry

Funeral Industry LockoutRelease


Barrie cop wins grievance, loses money

*Members please take note

A veteran Barrie police officer has been ordered to refund about $15,000 he won in a grievance settlement because he told fellow officers details of his award.

An arbitrator ordered Const. Philip McRae, 50, this month to repay 28 months of back pay after he posted details of the grievance settlement on an employee bulletin board. The sum amounts to the 6 per cent premium paid to officers serving as a detective in the Criminal Investigations Department.

Arbitrator William Marcotte ruled that McRae’s actions breached a confidentiality provision in his association’s collective agreement.

McRae and Barrie police spokesperson Jamie Westcott both declined to comment on the case.

His initial grievance was over his removal from the force’s Criminal Investigations Department in 2009, while he was president of the Barrie Police Association. He had been a member of the unit for four years.

The arbitrator concluded it wasn’t relevant that McRae had sought a hearing for his charges so that he and the police service could air their cases and answer questions.

McRae did not sign the agreement that settled his grievance, as it was reached between police management and his association.

His bulletin board posting complained about the fact he would not get to question management about his ouster from the detective squad. “The grievance of my unlawful removal from CID, which was supported by the general membership, was resolved when the Service offered twenty-eight months back pay, even though I had been removed for a period of twenty-two months,” it said in part. “The Association Executive agree to this resolution, despite my wishes to proceed to a hearing to challenge the HONESTY, INTEGRITY AND CREDIBILITY of the Service’s case. The Service’s willingness to offer this monetary resolution, again, only served to validate my position on the grievance.”

The police service responded by accusing McRae of breaching the confidentiality provision, although he hadn’t actually signed the agreement.

Marcotte wrote that the agreement should have been seen as “strictly confidential.” “I find the appropriate remedy in the particular  circumstances is for the grievor to return money provided to him by the Board,” Marcotte concluded.

Marcotte did not say when or how the money should be repaid.


Hargest Concrete drivers vote “YES” for Teamsters

On Monday August 26th/2013, Hargest Concrete Ready Mix drivers in Cambridge voted “yes” to joining Teamsters Local Union #879.

Hargest also owns a Block plant which employees are 879 members.

So from all of us to you – Welcome!


UPS Flight #1354

UPS Pilots Statement


Labatt Strike in Newfoundland

Labatt-St Johns

Labatt Strike


BFI Progressive

Teamsters Local union #879 and BFI have signed a new 3 year agreement with a wage increase, signing bonus, clothes and boot improvements, overtime improvements, benefits and pension remained intact and some enhancements to the grievance procedure.

Danny DiGiovanni would like to thank his committee members, Rob Lozon and Bill Foster from Chatham, Len Bondy and Sean Sinclair from Windsor for an outstanding job at the negotiations table. Their thoughtful insight played a big part in securing this new 3-year agreement with BFI.


TEAMSTERS Local Union #879 “2013 Stewards Training Workshop”

Attached are pictures of the 2013 Stewards Training Entry Level Workshop that was held at the Local Union #879 Head office in Hamilton, Ontario on Tuesday July the 16th/2013.

In attendance as newly trained trainers were, John McCann (President), Doug Pilkey (BA), Danny Mitchell (BA) and Lenna Phenix (Local Trustee). Also in attendance was Teamsters Canada Education Director Brigitte Sottile.

Thanks to all the Teamster Shop Steward brothers that attended the seminar and remember “Knowledge is Power.” We at 879 are confident that you are now better equipped to do your job as a steward and know that you will all make a difference for Local Union #879 and for your fellow brothers and sisters in your workplaces.

Stewards seminar 1 Stewards seminar 2 Stewards seminar 3 Stewards seminar 4 Stewards seminar 5 Stewards seminar 7 Stewards seminar 8 Stewards seminar 6 Stewards seminar 9 - Copy Stewards seminar 10 Stewards seminar 16 Stewards seminar 11 Stewards seminar 12 Stewards seminar 13 Stewards seminar 14 Stewards seminar 15 - Copy


Russell Metals Ratifies New Agreement

Members of Russell Metals ratified a new agreement by 100% for increases in their Health & Welfare and Wages.


G4S Ratifies

Business Representative Jim Chalmers has announced that G4S ratified their new agreement by 90% with increases in their Health & Welfare, Pension and Wages.


Lafarge Tillsonburg

Members of Lafarge Tillsonburg have ratified a 4 year deal with increases in wages, pension and benefits.


Hudak Rally

The pictures below were taken at the latest Hudak Rally that took place on Friday the 7th of June in front of Tim’s office in Beamsville.

These rallies will continue to take place the first Friday of each month until this MPP hears our message loud and clear.

Hudak 1 Hudak 2 Hudak 3 Hudak 4 Huday 5 Hudak 6 Hudak 7 Hudak 7


Hudak Rally

A reminder of the rally this Friday June the 7th, 2013 to fight against Ontario PC Leader, Tim Hudak, who believes that organized Labour is an un-necessary evil.

These rallies will continue to take place the first Friday of each month until this MPP hears our message loud and clear.

Event: Picket at Tim Hudak’s office

Date: Friday, June 7, 2013

Time: 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Location: 4961 King Street East, Beamsville, Ontario



After a contentious round of bargaining, G4S Armoured Car members in Ontario ratified their new 4 year agreement by 90%. Sticking points were wages, health & welfare and pension which were all addressed in the new agreement.

The committee was chaired by Owen Lane of Local 419, Jim Chalmers co-chair & Armoured Car Director of Teamsters Canada/Secretary Treasurer of local 879, Carlos Andrade, Faheem Bhatti , Craig McLaughlin, Joey Labelle stewards from Local 419, Garnet Caswell, Derek Fuller,  Peter Lemaitre, Sean Broumpton and Scott Garbett stewards from Local 879.

Well done Brothers!!


Sale of Windsor Office

It is official, the Windsor office has been sold.

We are in the process of negotiating a lease for the new Windsor office on Annie Street which is a 3500 sq/ft stand alone building approx 5 minutes from the current office.

The closing date is June 27th for the old Windsor office and the move in date for the new office is tentative for June 14th.


N. Teppermens Ratifies New Agreement

Employees at N. Teppermens ratified a new 3 year agreement with increases to wages, a signing bonus in their 2nd and 3rd year and language improvements to contract workers.

Hats off to Business Representative Rick Parent and stewards Todd Paisley and Brett Derouchet on a job well done.


LaFarge Ratifies New Agreement

LaFarge Aggregate and Teamsters Local Union #879 ratified a new 5 year agreement with increases in wages, benefits and pension.

Congratulations to Business Representative Rick Parent and Steward Darren Kyle for a job well done.


Anti Union Bills

Below is a link to a great article from the latest UFCW newsletter. It shows all the latest anti Union Bills being forwarded by the Hudak PC’s and we really think our members need to know about them.

Remember, when it comes to fighting Hudak, we’re all in this together.

Hope you find the following link interesting:



Hudak Rally

Brothers and Sisters of Labour joined fellow workers in a rally on Friday May the 3rd/2013 to fight against Ontario PC Leader, Tim Hudak, who believes that organized Labour is an un-necessary evil.

These rallies will continue to take place the first Friday of each month until this MPP hears our message loud and clear.

Rally 9 Rally 11 Company truck & trailer Rally 6 Rally 8 Rally 3


NLS International Drivers Join 879

The drivers of transport company NLS International Inc in St. Catharines, Ontario have joined the Teamsters Local Union #879 family.

What they do: Plain and simple – they move freight. They transport, store, receive, and deliver it. Their main area of focus is between Buffalo, NY and southern Ontario.

They are cross-border shipping experts with warehouse space conveniently located on both sides of the border.

Congratulations to all that were involved in the process. Business Representative Danny Mitchell has been assigned to the new group.

Total membership: 10 International Transport Drivers


Woolsley Ratifies

Employees at Woolsley Sarnia ratified a new 3 year deal with a healthy signing bonus and increases in wages and benefits.

Thanks go out to Business Representitive “DJ” Dan Digiovanni and long time employee and steward Jim McLean for a job well done.


Home Hardware ratifies new Deal

The employees at Home Hardware in Windsor ratified a new 3 year collective agreement with the Teamsters Local #879.

They agreed on a .75 increase in wages, a $200 signing bonus with the Moffat driver receiving a .50 premium.

Thanks go out to Business Representitive Rick Parent and steward Randy Kowtiuk for a job well done.



Brothers and Sisters,

please come join your fellow workers in our fight against Ontario PC Leader, Tim Hudak, who believes that organized Labour is an un-necessary evil and that the rights and privileges of union members should be taken from them so that it will dilute our power, allowing big business to strip all of us of the hard earned benefits, rights and privileges that we have fought for and enjoyed for many many years.

We cannot stand Idly by and allow this to go un challenged.

These rallies will continue to take place the first Friday of each month until this MPP hears our message loud and clear.

In Solidarity,

John McCann


Teamsters Union Local 879

Picket at Tim Hudak’s office


Friday, May 3, 2013, 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm



Oklahoma Teamsters are working on a massive protest against the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)’s meeting in Oklahoma City at its “Spring Task Force Summit.” Over the course of May 2 – 3, corporations and political contributors will meet secretly with state lawmakers to craft new laws to weaken workers’ rights, undermine democracy, eradicate public education and eliminate environmental and consumer protections.

State lawmakers will return home to introduce these very bills, passing these corporate proposals off as their own.  ALEC boasts that it has over 1,000 bills introduced by legislative members every year, with one in every five enacted into law.

Sign the petition today to say that you are committed to telling your union brothers and sisters, family, neighbors, and friends about ALEC.

And if you’re close enough, we hope you will join the actions being planned against ALEC in Oklahoma City:

March for the Middle Class

Thursday, May 2nd, 4 – 6 pm

Location: Coca Cola Bricktown Events Center, 425 E. California Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73104; march and picket around the Cox Convention Center, where ALEC meeting is taking place; will be followed by hot dogs at the Coca Cola Center.

Meet up beforehand at 1:30 pm at Teamsters Local Union 886, 3528 W. Reno Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73107 and go over together as a group!

Working Family Rally

Thursday, May 2nd,7 – 10 pm

Location: Coca Cola Bricktown Events Center, 425 E. California Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73104; event is free to the public and will include live music.

An Oklahoma Community Forum

Friday, May 3rd, 2 – 5 pm

Location: To be announced; forum will include expert panel discussing what ALEC is and why they’re in Oklahoma.

For more information on events, please contact Teamsters Local Union 886 at (405) 947-2333.


National Day of Mourning Events





Tri-County Training

Members at Tri-County Training in Ayr ratified a new agreement with all concessions from their previous agreement returned. Congratulations to Steward Paul Liner and Business Agent Doug Pilkey for a job well done.


Honeywell Inc

Members of Local #879 ratified a new 3 year agreement with Honeywell Ltd in Windsor. Members will receive a $1,500 signing bonus plus $500 in their second and $500 in their third year on wages. Congratulations to committee members Bob Boufard, Mitch Labuet and Business Agent Rick Parent for a job well done.


Gorski Bulk

Teamsters Local Union #879 members at Gorski Bulk in Tecumseh ratified a new 3 year agreement with a 3% hourly and 2% mileage raise. Congratulations goes out to committee members Ross Harris, Dave Wye and Business Agent Rick Parent for a job well done.


International Womens Day Event

On Sunday March 10th 2013, The Teamsters Ontario Women’s Caucus together with their affiliated Ontario Teamster Locals and Conferences, celebrated the achievements of women with an International Womens Day (IWD) Brunch Event.

We joined 14 other Union women’s groups, along with the CLC-Ontario region and the Brampton, Mississauga and District Labour Council, to host our second IWD event. It was an amazing affair with Key Note speaker MPP-NDP Cheri DiNovo.

We sold out this year hosting 350 attendees and a fine crew of Union brothers who helped set up the hall, cook our breakfast and serve it up to us.  Special Thanks to Every Teamsters Local and Conference in Ontario for their remarkable support of this event.

The Teamsters representation was astounding, accounting for over 85 Teamster women in attendance. That’s 25% of the tickets sold.  WOW!  We as Teamsters once again made our mark. We were instrumental in organizing, planning, setting up, food donations, raffle donations, celebrity servers and with flags hanging everywhere there was an undeniable Teamster presence.

The Teamsters without a doubt made a significant impact on the success of this event and a lasting impression on every other union that participated. We made the news this year too! www.mississauga.com/news/article/1590990–unions-mark-international-women-s-day-with-call-for-action

Lenna Phenix


Teamsters Ontario Women’s Caucus


Tradetalk-TFW Program

Tradetalk-TFW program (Spring 2013)


Hoffa Denounces TSA Decision

TSA Decision


Mainline Pipeline

A job well done by Business Representative Ernie Bishop for securing a new 5-year agreement with Mainline Pipeline with increases across the board.


McNally Employees Ratify

Teamsters Local Union #879 and the employees of McNally Construction ratified a new 5-year agreement with improvements to their Health & Welfare, wages and language.

Congratulations to Business Representative Ernie Bishop and Steward Bernie Decoste for a job well done.


Purolator Inc Clerical

I have added a new page under “Join Teamsters” for the highlights of the new 5-year Purolator clerical agreement. Feel free to have a look and call the office if you are or know of any clerks that are interested in organizing.


RPM Environmental Employees Ratify First Agreement

Employees at RPM Environmental in Burlington ratified their first Collective Agreement on February 2nd by 100%. The new agreement takes them from a commission based wage to an hourly rate of pay with a bonus paid weekly for productivity, seniority rights and overtime language.

RPM Environmental is a full service recycling and waste reduction company. Employees at their Burlington facility collect contaminated plastic containers from garages and other companies such as Jiffy Lube and Canadian Tire for specialized recycling.

Hats off to Business Representative Danny Mitchell and negotiating committee member John Mulerin for a job well done.


A Message from Chris Charlton, MP

Here is a copy of the speech I gave this morning on Employment Insurance.


Chris Charlton | MP Hamilton Mountain

Official Opposition Critic for Human Resources Skills Development Canada New Democratic Party



Dear Brother and Sisters,

Please see below email from Janice Best, Director of COPE Ontario regarding the strike at Porter Airlines.

In solidarity,

Chris MacDonald Ontario Director Canadian Labour Congress CM/cc*cope225 +++++++++

Porter Airlines, which flies into several Canadian and U.S. cities, primarily on the Eastern seaboard, has members of our union on strike.  The video below speaks briefly of the issues.  The strike commenced January 10, 2013.  Porter is flying light on fuel out of Toronto and getting the majority of its fuel at its destinations.  We are requesting a boycott of his airline until the strike is over.

It would be helpful if any unions involved in fuelling at  destination airports could slow down the process.  I understand this may or may not be possible.

Please circulate widely.

Thanks for your help.

In solidarity,

Janice Best


COPE Ontario

416-703-8515, ext. 225




As you may be aware, COPE Local 343 has been on strike against Porter FOB in Toronto for a first collective agreement since January 10th. We need your help!

Please boycott Porter until this matter is settled.

Please check out the following video link:


and check the COPE Ontario website for further updates.


Union Dues – 2012

Union Dues 2012


International Transport Signs 4-year Deal with Teamsters

The employees at International Transport have ratified a new 4-year deal that gave them increases to their pension, benefits, wages and inprovements to their language.

Congratulations go out to the committee which was made up of members from Local Union #931, our steward Dave Cook and Business Agent Dave McLeod.


Delta Wire and Teamsters Ratify Deal

Delta Wire and Teamsters Local Union #879 has ratified a new 5 year deal with a increase in wages and improved language. Business Agent Dan DiGiovanni would like to thank his steward Dan Caza for all his help through the negotiation process.


Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement with Costco



TST Overland Express Retirement

Local 879 President John McCann presents Brother John Hibbens with a retirement watch during his retirement party at TST Overland Express in St. Catharines.

John retired after 47 years at the wheel. Secretary Treasurer Jim Chalmers, Business Reps Doug Pilkey and Danny Mitchell were also there to wish John well.

Congratulations John, enjoy your new adventure and try to leave some fish for the rest of us.