Welcome to all the new members that joined in 2014

  • Doug Coleman
  • Rapid Delivery
  • Hydro Vac
  • Rossborough Canada
  • Doyle Transport
  • Moe’s Transport
  • Wise Solutions
  • Central Taxi


New Agreements Ratified

Below are the groups that have ratified new agreements in the month of November.

  • Health Care Services
  • Brunner Manufacturing
  • Doyle Transport (first agreement)
  • Columbian Chemicals
  • King Paving
  • United Plastics Components
  • Preston Sand & Gravel
  • EE Seegmiller


Toy Drive from Dufferin Burlington

Dufferin Burlington


Anne Arundel County Fire Department battalion chiefs choose Teamsters



King Paving Ratifies New Agreement

Employees at King Paving today ratified a new 3-year agreement with a comprehensive package that will bring increases to their benefits and wages.


In the Spirit of Christmas

This week Teamsters Local union #879 donated a cheque for $10,000 to the Inn of the Good Shepherd in Sarnia Ontario.

It is a facility that caters to the needy in Sarnia which is an area in Southwestern Ontario that has been severely hit by an economic downturn.

The money came at a perfect time as their food bank supplies where depleting and they are expecting to assist almost 2000 needy families over the Christmas season.

In the picture from left to right is: John McCann (President of Local 879), Myles Vanni (Executive Director of the Inn of the Good Shepherd), Jim Chalmers (Local 879 Secretary-Treasurer) and Marty Taylor (local 879 Recording Secretary).

Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd


Doyle Transport Employees Ratify First Agreement

Everyone at Local 879 would like to welcome the new members from Doyle Transportation in Guelph to the Teamsters family.

Local 879 Business Rep Danny Mitchell would like to thank Dave Temple for all his help in negotiating the first agreement between Teamsters Local 879 and Doyle Transportation as well as the new members that came out and ratified the agreement by a huge majority.

The group will enjoy wage increases, over-time rules as well as other benefits that come with a Teamster Collective Agreement.

Welcome aboard.

John McCann


Teamsters Local Union #879


New Agreements Ratified

Below are the groups that have ratified new agreements in the month of October.

  • Vineland Quarries


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Please see the attached message from Teamster Women’s Conference Director, Becky Strzechowski, regarding the passing of our Teamster Sister Barbara Liddy.

In Solidarity,

Teamster Women’s Conference Staff



Teamsters Lead Buffalo Snow Storm Relief Efforts



C 377 Last Night – moves to Legal and Constitutional Committee in the Senate

Last night in the Senate Bill C377 was  debated and there was a flash vote to try and dispense with the legislation by Senator Elaine McCoy.

In an attempt to catch the Government off guard and kill the Bill she introduced “a reasoned amendment” at Second Reading .  The attempt was defeated 28 to 42 but nonetheless it was an attempt.

The Bill now moves to the Legal and Constitutional Committee in the Senate to be studied in the coming weeks.


WHSC E-bulletin – MOL proposes an expansion of noise protection to all workers

MOL proposes an expansion of noise protection to all workers

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour (MOL) is seeking input on its proposal to extend noise protection laws to all Ontario workers.

Current minimum mandatory noise protections are afforded to workers in workplaces governed by the regulations for Industrial Establishments (Section 139 of Regulation 851), Mines and Mining Plants (Section 293.1 of Regulation 854) and Oil and Gas-Offshore (Section 41 of Regulation 855).

According to the MOL, this proposal would expand coverage to all workers including those in health care facilities, schools, farming operations, fire and police services and amusement parks. The MOL has issued a separate, but similar, proposal for coverage in the construction sector (in addition to other amendments to the Construction Regulation).

The harmonizing of noise protection for workers in all sectors would see employers governed by the Occupational Health & Safety Act responsible for:

  • ensuring no worker is exposed to an eight-hour time-weighted average exposure exceeding 85 dBA,
  • introducing engineering controls and work practices reasonably necessary to protect workers from exposure, and
  • only using ppe as a last resort under specific conditions.

Exposure to noise can impact workers several ways. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is one of the most common occupational diseases suffered by workers. According to Ontario’s Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB), NIHL claims have been steadily increasing for 10 years. And many more suffer in silence often failing to recognize or report the condition.

Once hearing is lost it cannot be restored. And the impact on quality of life at work and away from work for those with hearing loss can be traumatic. Some experience a drop in self-esteem and confidence because of their impaired ability to communicate with others. Some choose to withdrawal socially. This can lead to mental injuries including depression.

Noise was the focus of a workshop at a recent conference sponsored by the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW). The data presented questioned the safety of even the minimum protection afforded by Ontario health and safety law. According to OHCOW, years of exposure above 80-85 dBA will lead to a percentage of workers with a hearing disability (legally deaf).

For our part, the WHSC offers a noise prevention training program  (see under onsite courses) designed to give all workplace parties essential understanding of noise hazards in the workplace and the many ways noise can be properly addressed in the workplace. A WHSC noise hazard bulletin is also available. It summarizes related health impacts, noise prevention requirements and noise elimination and control strategies.

To learn more about WHSC noise training: Call:    1-888-869-7950 Visit:   www.whsc.on.ca Email: contactus@whsc.on.ca


Doug Coleman Employees Vote to join Teamsters

Teamsters Local Union #879 has won yet another victory at the Canadian Federal Labour Relations Board.

On September 26th, 2014, Local 879 organizer Jim Killey submitted an application for certification for Doug Coleman Transportation Niagara Division in St. Catharines Ontario. After a thorough investigation by the Federal Labour Relations board officers, the board has ruled that Local 879 with be the bargaining agent for Doug Coleman Transportation St. Catharines.

Welcome aboard to all the employees at Doug Coleman.


Another Victory for 879

Teamsters Local Union #879 has won another victory at the Canadian Federal Labour Relations Board.

On October 3rd, 2014, Local 879 organizer Jim Killey submitted an application for certification for Rapid Delivery out of London Ontario. After a thorough investigation by the Federal Labour Relations board officers, the board has ruled that the bargaining unit description is valid and that Local 879 with be the bargaining agent for Rapid Delivery.

Welcome aboard to all the employees at Rapid Delivery.



Fired Port Truck Drivers To Return To Work As “Employees”

(CARSON, Calif.) – In a landmark victory for misclassified “independent contractors” across America, two previously fired port truck drivers have returned to work today as employees of Green Fleet Systems (GFS) in Long Beach, Calif.  Earlier misclassified as independent contractors by GFS, the drivers’ return was the result of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denying an emergency motion by the company to stay a 10(j) injunction issued by a federal judge against them.

The drivers, Mateo Mares and Amicar Cardona, were fired in January for challenging their misclassification, for filing claims for stolen wages with the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE), and for publicly supporting the Teamsters union.

“America’s port drivers are the poster child for wage theft in America,” said Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President. “Like millions of workers, drivers are treated like regular employees but illegally compensated as independent contractors. The Teamsters are committed to working with drivers and their allies to stop wage theft in the port trucking industry. Justice for port drivers means justice for all American workers.”

This is the first 10 (j) injunction supporting the rights of misclassified “independent contractors” in the history of the United States. GFS has been ordered to cease all illegal labor activities or face contempt of court. Watch Mateo and Amilcar’s story here.

“We are on the front lines of the fight,” Mares said. “This ruling is a great victory not just for me, Amilcar, and our families, but for all drivers at Green Fleet Systems who have been too fearful to openly support our effort to become Teamsters, and for misclassified workers across America. Although the fight was long, justice has finally been served. The law is on our side and we all have rights as employees to form our union.”

The historic decision also brought a swift response from Julie Gutman Dickinson, the attorney representing the drivers. “The Decision sends the message loud and clear to the trucking industry and to all employers who try to pass off regular employees as independent contractors, that they are in fact employees that are entitled to choose union representation and cannot be fired for their union activities or for filing claims for wage theft.”


Employees Vote “YES” for Teamsters

The OLRB conducted a representation vote on Wednesday November the 12th, 2014 for the employees at Hotz Environmental and Hydro Vac both located in Hamilton, Ontario as the two companies  have merged as 1.

Hotz Environmental employees are represented by Teamsters Local Union #879 and the Hydro Vac employees are represented by the Operator Engineers Local #793.

After the ballots were counted the officer of the board announced that the Teamsters Local Union #879 has been awarded bargaining agent for both groups.

Brother Danny Mitchell, all of the staff and officers of the Local would like to welcome the new members on board and also thank the existing members for all their support.


Sysco Drivers Vote to Join Teamsters

On Friday, Oct. 31, Sysco drivers voted to join Teamsters Local 41 in Kansas City, Mo. There are 43 drivers in the bargaining unit and the vote count announced today was 25-14.

Concerned about job security and the effects of Sysco’s possible acquisition of US Foods, city drivers banded together to organize with the Teamsters. Although their employer predicts $600 million in savings from cost synergies at the warehouse and distribution level, workers are worried about possible job losses resulting from the consolidation.

Ahead of Friday’s election, a majority of the drivers voiced support for union representation by signing authorization cards, as Sysco, the nation’s largest industrial food service provider, seeks to acquire US Foods, the second-largest. The $3.5 billion transaction faces antitrust review by the Federal Trade Commission, and has drawn scrutiny from state attorneys general.

“Like thousands of warehouse workers and drivers across the country, these drivers are rightly concerned about the merger and have joined the movement to get organized in defense of their jobs,” said Victor Terranella, President of Teamsters Local 41. “Drivers in Kansas City voted for Teamster representation to have a voice and job security at Sysco. We look forward to beginning bargaining for a strong contract that addresses drivers’ concerns.”

“This organizing victory comes on the heels of US Foods workers in California who recently joined the Teamsters,” said Steve Vairma, Teamsters International Vice President and Director of the Teamsters Warehouse Division. “Other Sysco and US Foods workers will be following suit in the coming months to protect and improve their jobs.”

In addition to workers’ concerns about job security, customers who rely on Sysco’s food distribution services have also voiced concerns about its proposed acquisition of US Foods, citing its effects on competition in the industry.

The Teamsters represent more than 11,600 members at Sysco and US Foods.



Hotz Environmental/Hydro Vac Representation Vote

Hotz Environmental and Hydro Vac both located in Hamilton, Ontario have merged as 1 company.

Hotz Environmental employees are represented by Teamsters Local Union #879 and the Hydro Vac employees are represented by the Operator Engineers Local #793.

The OLRB will be conducting a representation vote on Wednesday November the 12th, 2014 to see who the employees of both companies would like to be represented by.


Rossborough Employees Vote Yes to Join Teamsters

The employees of Rossborough Canada voted yes today to have Teamsters Local Union #879 as their bargaining agent.

Rossborough, an Opta Minerals Company, is one of the leading producers or prime magnesium products. Over the years they have build an extensive experience in all areas of hot metal desulfurization for the steelmaking industry.

To the new Teamster members of Rossborough Canada, welcome aboard.


Doyle Transport Drivers Join Teamsters

The company drivers at Doyle Transport in Guelph Ontario voted to join Teamsters Local Union #879 on Monday November the 3rd, 2014.

Doyle Transport provides transportation services for commercial companies to and from any point within Canada, United States as well as all international destinations.

To the new members of Local #879, welcome aboard.


New Agreements Ratified

Below are the groups that have ratified new agreements in the months of August and September.

  • Hilton Valet Niagara Falls
  • H&S Heat Treating
  • Canadian Transit Company
  • CBM Windsor
  • Charron Transport Clerical
  • Compass Group


Bragging Rights Bowling Tournament

The Teamsters Ontario Women’s Caucus held our 3rd annual “Bragging Rights Bowling Tournament” this past Saturday, October 18, 2014.

It was well attended totalling 12 teams of 5 from the various Teamsters Ontario Locals.  It was an intense battle with Teamsters Local 419 trying desperately to hold onto the title.

Teamsters GCC Local 100M and Teamsters Local 938 rivaled for the title however with a score so close it was a nail biter right to the end.  In the end Teamsters Local 938 took home the trophy and will have title to “Bragging Rights” for the next year.

Also in competition were Teamsters Local 230, 847, 647, 879 and 1979 along with JC52 and Teamsters Canada.

Thank you to all the Teamsters Ontario Locals, JC52 and Teamsters Canada for your incredible support with this event.  We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Lenna Phenix


Teamsters Ontario Women’s Caucus

Bowling 1 Bowling 2 Bowling 3 Bowling 4 Bowling 5


First Ever Victory in Canada – FedEx Freight

In Vancouver, on September 17, 2014 – The 14 warehouse employee’s at FedEx Freight Canada’s Surrey, British Columbia location have chosen to be represented by Teamsters Local Union 31.

The organizing campaign launched last June came to an end yesterday with the issue of a bargaining certificate by the Canada Industrial Relations Board. It’s a North American first for the workers of this company. Before this certification the only unionized FedEx employees were the company’s US-based pilots.

“I commend these 14 workers for their courage,” says Stan Hennessy, International Vice-President and President of Teamsters Local Union 31. “They have all my admiration for having accomplished this North American first.”

The workers explained what motivated them to join the union: dismal fringe benefits, lack of pension fund, and lower wages than the industry average. As a reminder, most of the industry’s workers are unionized and represented by the Teamsters.

“Most of these new members only work 20 hours a week. How are they supposed to improve their quality of life?,” said Stan Hennessy. “They have had enough of living without the slightest safety net!”

Stan Hennessy congratulates the organizing committee as well as his local staff and the team at Teamsters Canada’s office in Vancouver for this organizing victory.


First Ever Victory in the USA – FedEx Freight

FedEx Freight


Steward Seminar in Windsor

On October 6th & 7th, 2014, we had a Stewards Seminar in Windsor.  Approximately 20 stewards attended.  Some new, some old.  With the exception of a few hiccups; all went extremely well and we were pleased with the outcome.

Doug Pilkey did a great job facilitating the seminar as this was my first attempt.  We were pleased with the response.  We are all looking forward to the next seminar !!!

Dan DiGiovanni, Business Representative

Teamsters Local Union #879

001 002 003 005 006 007 008 009 012


Charron Transport Ltd. (Office)

On October 8th, 2014 the office staff at Charron Transport Ltd ratified a 4 year deal by 100%. They received improvements to their wages, benefits and pension plan.

Business Agent Dan DiGiovanni says hats off to steward Lenna Phenix who always makes the Business Agent’s job easier.


Canada’s Union Advantage

“Fairness Works”

Canada’s Union Advantage


New Teamsters Canada TV Commercial

The official unveiling of the new Teamsters Canada TV commercial is going to be aired for the first time ever during Hockey Night in Canada on October 8th.

It will be an historic event as it is the first ever Teamster specific commercial in the history of our organization, so you all will be a part of history the first time you see it.


Shaun Burt is Looking for your Support

Hamilton Mountain Federal Liberal Candidate for Nomination

Shaun Burt comes from a union family and is looking for your support. Please read the attachments below for more information on how to support Shaun.

Shaun Burt




Bill C-377

The private member’s bill, with the full backing of the Conservative government, is an attack on organized labour, and it’s back in the Senate.

The Broadbent Institute and its news site, PressProgress, are challenging it at every step of the way, starting this week.

Please share this link with your members.

Together, we can stop C-377.


Josh Bizjak Director of Outreach and Development Broadbent Institute


CEL Fatality

Brothers and Sisters,

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of the death of Sister Phuong Thang on Friday September 19th as a result of a workplace accident at Canadian Electrocoating Ltd in Windsor Ontario. Currently the Ministry of Labour is conducting an investigation into the accident with details to follow once completed.

Sister Thang was a 26 year member of Teamsters Local 880/879 and will be sadly missed by her Union family and friends and all who knew her.

A funeral for Sister Thang will take place on Tuesday September 23rd in Windsor and the local Union will be discussing with her family the possibility of establishing a trust fund to assist with her 12 year old daughters future schooling needs with formal requests for donations to follow.

I would ask all to please keep Sister Thang and her family in your thoughts and prayers and to please work safely at all times. Remember, even one fatality on the job is one to many!!


John McCann


Teamsters Local Union 879


Annual Christmas Food Drive

Please read the attachment below for more information on this years Teamsters Local Union #879 2nd annual Christmas Food Drive.

Health & Welfare Committee


OLG Ratify New Agreement

The employees at the OLG in Point Edward ratified a 3 year contract retroactive to May 01, 2014.

There is an $800.00 signing bonus payable upon ratification, a 2 year wage freeze and 1.75% increase at the start of the 3rd year. We also negotiated improvements in the language regarding O.T. and scheduling of vacations.

This was pattern bargaining and unfortunately it was the provincial govt. that set the pattern.


Teamsters Local Union #879 heads to Sarnia on Labour Day

Another good turnout for the Labour Day parade in Sarnia.

Thanks to all the 879 members that showed.

Sarnia 1 Sarnia 2 Sarnia 3 Sarnia 4 Sarnia 5 Sarnia 6 Sarnia 7 Sarnia 8 Sarnia 9 Sarnia 10 Sarnia 11 Sarnia 12 Sarnia 13 Sarnia 14 Sarnia 15


Labour Day Parade in Hamilton

Thanks to all the members that showed up and joined us in the Hamilton Labour Day parade.

20140901_101706 20140901_101740 20140901_101758 20140901_101828 20140901_105140 20140901_105151 20140901_105231 20140901_105302 20140901_105432 20140901_105735 20140901_105759 20140901_105813 20140901_105855 20140901_105913 20140901_110004 20140901_110100 20140901_110536 20140901_110922 20140901_111008 20140901_111038 20140901_111111 20140901_111126 20140901_111150 20140901_111158 20140901_111225 20140901_111243 20140901_111307 20140901_111333 20140901_111405 20140901_111704 20140901_111718 20140901_111750 20140901_111802 20140901_111831 20140901_111904 20140901_111914 20140901_111941 20140901_112029


Labour Day Event at Grand Bend

The 2014 Labour Day event at Grand Bend was another huge success. Thanks to all the members that showed up for some good food, fun and to cheer on their favorite driver. The kids all had a blast and especially had fun watching the Jet cars smoke down the track.

Hope to see everyone back in 2015

20140830_104841 20140830_104920 20140830_104944 20140830_105020 20140830_141021 20140830_141043 20140830_141114 20140830_141119 20140830_141146 20140830_141212 20140830_141306 20140830_141343 20140830_141450 20140830_141747 20140830_141806 20140830_170922 20140830_170934 20140830_170943 20140830_170952 20140830_171031 20140830_171036 20140830_171048 20140830_171104 20140830_171117 20140830_171204


Local 879 2014 Golf Tournament

Local 879 held their annual golf tournament at the Ingersoll Golf Club on August 23rd and a good time was had by all. Members from Windsor to Fort Erie came out to show off their skills and share a few laughs.

The Local 879 Golf committee would like to thank the ladies from the Teamsters Ontario Women’s Caucus for all their help running the putting contest and registration. Also, thanks go out to The Ingersoll Golf Club for hosting the event. The course was in great shape and the food was excellent.

See you all next year.

Golf Golf 10 Golf 9 Golf 8 Golf 7 Golf 6 Golf 5 Golf 4 Golf 3 Golf 2 Golf 1


New Agreements Ratified

Below are the groups that have ratified new agreements in the month of July.

  • Moe’s Transport
  • Aslon Management London
  • Opta Minerals


Opta Minerals Vote on New Offer

Members at Opta Minerals voted 100% in favour of acceptance of their new agreement.

They will see increases to their wages as well as additional vacation time.

Thanks go out to Ron Hardsand.


Aslon Members Accept Latest Offer

The members of Aslon Management in London voted in favour of accepting the company’s latest offer by 75%.

They will see improvements in their health and welfare, overtime language and statutory holiday pay.

Thanks go out to Shown Grosvenor, Joe Rattelle and Kim Seng.


New Agreements Ratified

Below are the groups that have ratified new agreements in the month of June.

  • Case Scrap
  • GDI/Omni


Minister’s Announcement

The Teamsters have been meeting with the Ministerial Advisors to the Office of Public Safety in Ottawa to help standardise the Armoured Car industry and make it safer for our members.

Jim Chalmers, Armoured Car Director and Owen Lane, Business Representative Local 419, have tabled ideas to start working towards this goal and some of our proposals  are being implemented in regard to  CPFO powers.

Gun laws in Canada are getting a major overhaul, government sources have confirmed to Sun News Network.

And as of Wednesday, in a separate regulation, owners of Swiss Arms and CZ 858 rifles can transport and use those rifles as they were previously classified — non-restricted or restricted depending on barrel length — before the RCMP prohibited them earlier this year.

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney was expected to announce the new “Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act” and the extended amnesty regulation here later Wednesday.

The act, if passed, will limit the powers of provincial Chief Firearms Officers, make all firearm licenses possession-and-acquisition (PAL) licenses, make it easier for legal gun owners to transport restricted firearms around their home province, provide a grace period to renew expired gun licenses, make the gun safety course mandatory for new shooters, and strengthen gun ownership prohibition orders for convicted domestic abusers.

“These measures would streamline licensing and eliminate needless red tape for law-abiding gun owners,” Blaney stated in a news release prior to the announcement. “It would also take steps to ensure that those convicted of domestic violent offences can be banned from owning firearms. My foremost priority is keeping the public safe, through common sense policies.”

In 2012, the Tories also scrapped the controversial long gun registry.

But since then, some provincial Chief Firearms Officer have come under fire from the firearms community for imposing stiff arbitrary measures on gun ownership and gun sales under the clause 58(1) of the current firearms act that allows CFOs to attach “any reasonable condition” they see fit to gun licenses, business licenses and permits to transport restricted guns.

A government source said that power, in particular, will be curbed in the new act and will give elected lawmakers the final say.

Another major change in the new act is essentially a universal Authorization to Transport (ATT) for restricted firearms owners that will be a condition of their license. Effectively, the change will allow them to transport their handguns and other restricted guns to any legal destination in their home province — any range, any gun shop, any gunsmith, and so on — with the same ATT.

Currently, a separate ATT is required whenever a restricted gun owner wants to take his or her gun to a different range (other than the range at which they are a member) or any legal destination that is not their own gun club.

“This will remove about 99% of the bureaucratic paperwork required to transport restricted firearms,” a government source told QMI Agency.

Gun rights advocates have long argued the excessive paperwork did nothing to improve public safety and was an unnecessary burden on legal gun owners.

But the ATT transportation rules will still apply, meaning gun owners will still have to double lock the firearm while in transit and they must travel directly between their home and their legal destination.

If passed, the act will also do away with possession-only licenses (POL) that currently allow some Canadians to own guns but not acquire new ones. All POLs will become Possession and Acquisition licenses, which will be the only type of license.

Other measures in the “Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act” expected to be unveiled by Blaney later Wednesday will make the firearms safety course mandatory for all shooters, meaning no one — not even those with firearms experience — will be able to challenge the firearms test without first taking the course.

And gun owners who let their licenses expire will not become so-called “paper criminals” overnight for owning guns without a valid license, but will instead be given a grace period within which they can renew their expired license.

The source said the length of the grace period has yet to be finalized.

The Minister is also expected to unveil a separate regulation — to take effect Wednesday — that will allow owners of Swiss Arms and CZ 858 rifles to use them and transport then as they did before the RCMP controversially and arbitrarily prohibited them earlier this year.

While those guns will still technically be classified as prohibited weapons, there will be an exception for people who already own them so that they can treat them as though they were never reclassified. (non-restricted or restricted rifles depending on barrel length.

But they can’t be sold privately and are not available for sale at stores in Canada given their current prohibited status.

The amnesty for CZ 858 and Swiss Arms owners is in effect until March 2016.


Who is UNIFOR fighting for?



Teamsters working to improve public safety in the armored car industry

Two Teamsters representatives met with the advisors of Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney at the end of June to discuss how to improve the safety of workers in the armored car industry.

This meeting took place shortly after a shooting on June 19, 2014, that left one Garda armored car guard injured.

“Although the Toronto shooting is an emotionally charged issue, we chose to discuss the matter rather than cause a public uproar or make unreasonable demands,” said Jim Chalmers, director of the Armored car division of Teamsters Canada. “We have a place at the table and we plan to use it to bring about concrete action.”

The fact is that the Teamsters’ representatives have been discussing this matter with the stakeholders for a while. Talks have revolved around the selection and training of workers as well as the implementation of more effective technologies.

” We are always concerned about the safety of our members, the industry’s workers and the public, said Owen Lane of Local Union 419. We don’t want or need the public to feel uneasy when they see armed guards working in shopping malls or around banks and ATMs. We will continue to monitor and help improve our procedures to ensure a safe work environment that responds to the workers needs.”

The representations to federally elected officials will resume in the fall and the Teamsters Union will be invited to express its point of view and suggest viable solutions that will have a positive impact on the safety of their members and the general public.


New Agreements Ratified

Below are the groups that have ratified new agreements in the month of May.

Congratulations to all the members that have ratified their new agreements and especially to the members that put all the hard work into helping put them together.

  • Cem Trade Logistics
  • Prince Metal Products
  • Tri County
  • Niagara Recycling
  • Bonduelle Foods Processing



On Thursday June 26, 2014, Teamsters Armoured Car Director Jim Chalmers and Teamsters  Local 419 Business Agent Owen Lane were back in Ottawa to resume meetings with the Ministerial Advisors for Public Safety.

The afternoon meeting was convened to discuss the tragic ambush shooting of a Garda employee a member of Local 419 last Thursday evening in downtown Toronto. Brother Chalmers said the discussion centred on how we can make the industry safer for our  members and the public at large, we must overhaul the procedures used for hiring ,training and technology to help improve street operations .

Brother Lane commented that we must get all the stakeholders to the table as soon as possible to deal with these issues. Both said the meeting was encouraging and will be returning to continue discussions.

We would also like to thank Phil Benson Teamsters Canada Lobbyist for his assistance.


D.C. Teamsters Taxi Drivers Dispute

Hundreds of D.C. cab drivers affiliated with the Teamsters Union took part in a “Fairness NOW!” caravan today throughout the city to demand an immediate stop to illegal private sedan services until a fair resolution is reached.

The services, such as UberX and Lyft, are operating illegally in the city and are stealing work from D.C. taxi drivers. Last year, the city gave the services an extension to operate until regulations were in place. The extension ended several months ago but the city failed to enact fair regulations, giving the private sedan services a big competitive edge. There’s a risk to the public as well. For example, drivers for the private sedan services are not required to undergo thorough background checks.

“Virginia ordered a cease and desist order on these companies and the District of Columbia needs to do the same,” said Irfan Jamali, a D.C. taxi driver for the past 24 years. “We are tired of seeing our livelihoods harmed because of the city’s inaction. We demand fairness now!”

Last fall, D.C. taxi drivers formed the Washington, D.C. Taxi Operators Association, which is affiliated with Teamsters Local 922. Ferline Buie, President of Local 922, delivered a letter, http://ibt.io/taxiletter, today to D.C. Mayor Gray and City Councilmembers demanding that the city order the private sedan services to cease operations until a fair resolution is reached.

“The D.C. drivers have seen the protests across the United States and around the world, and today it is their turn to join the growing chorus calling for these services to follow the same rules and regulations that they must follow,” Buie said. “All they want is a level playing field.”

The drivers’ caravan began at East Potomac Park, proceeded to the U.S. Capitol and ended at Freedom Plaza, across from the Wilson Building (City Hall).



A Message from President Bouvier

Message from President Bouvier


GPMC/NMC Announcement

Northern Lights Health Foundation Donation Announcement


Holiday Inn Burlington will go to the poles

Teamsters Local Union #879 has applied an application for certification with the Ontario Labour Relations Board for all employees at the Holiday Inn in Burlington.

A vote will be held by the OLRB on Friday June the 27th, 2014.

Please support the employees at the Holiday Inn in Burlington and encourage them on the benefits of voting “YES” on Friday and joining our great union.

In solidarity,

Jim Killey

Director of Organizing

Teamsters Local Union #879


Toronto Shooting: The Teamsters Want to Meet with Minister Blainey

A member of Teamsters Local Union 419 is in critical condition following a shooting that occurred last night in Toronto. The victim who works for Garda World Cash Services was in an ambush situation with 3 individuals.

Several shots were fired by both side.

“Our hearts are with our brother and his family,” stated Owen Lane, representative of Local Union 419 of the Teamsters Union. “Meanwhile, I have been in constant contact with Garda since the shooting and I’m dealing with the situation.”

The union officer believes it is too early to draw conclusions but wants to meet quickly with Steven Blainey, Minister of Public Safety.

“This is not the first time a shooting occurs in the Toronto area or elsewhere in the country for that matter in the past few months,” points out Jim Chalmers, director of the Teamsters Canada Armoured Car Division. “We need to sit down with all of the concerned parties—including the Minister—and to continue to make progress to improve safety in this industry and for the entire population.”



The following is a statement from Teamsters International Union Vice President and Local 922 President Ferline Buie about today’s worldwide taxi driver protests against Uber.

“As president of Teamsters Local 922 in Washington, D.C., which is affiliated with the Washington, D.C. Taxi Operators Association, I express our solidarity with today’s protests by taxi drivers in city after city across Europe. The drivers are calling for fairness and asking that if the private sedan services are allowed to operate that they do so on a level playing field. Uber is currently operating without having to comply with the same rules and regulations that taxi drivers do.

“In Washington, D.C., drivers are asking the same questions and making similar demands. It is time for the D.C. City Council to do its job. We demand that the city council order Uber, Lyft and other private sedan services to cease and desist operations until fair regulations are put in place. We applaud the Commonwealth of Virginia’s decision last week to order the private sedan companies to stop operating until fair regulations are in place. The private sedan companies are stealing our members’ work and they continue to operate illegally.

“The drivers’ fight in Europe is our fight. Their demands for government action are our demands here in Washington, D.C.

“We are watching these protests carefully and they inspire our drivers to keep up the fight for fairness!”



New Group joins Teamsters Local Union #879

Employees at Wise Solutions in Sarnia have joined the 879 family with a three year first collective agreement.

They haul contaminated material out of Lambton GS, Darling and Bruce Power. The company has also committed to have the new Teamsters Stickers (window size) on the Drivers side window.


Hamilton and District Labour Council post-secondary scholarships

The Hamilton and District Labour Council has established five $1000 scholarships for students entering the first year of post-secondary studies at a university, college, or trade school. The scholarship is open to any child of a parent / official guardian who is a member of a local union affiliated to the Hamilton and District Labour Council.

The application requirements and forms are attached.

HDLC scholarship package


Notice of Summer Membership Meetings

GM meetings summer notice


A Message from the President

Sisters and Brothers,

As the election campaign heats up here in Ontario, there has been a considerable amount of discussion with regards to how Tim Hudak and the PC party could possibly ever think of fulfilling their campaign promise of creating 1,000,000 jobs.

First off, one has to take into consideration that Tim and his PC’s have already confirmed that they will be firing 19,000 teaching positions along with another 100,000 “governmental bureaucrats”, so in actuality the number of jobs he will have to create would end up having to be in the neighborhood of 1,119,000 to encompass those he plans on firing.

I am no expert, but one has to ask themselves, how can Hudak and his PC’s ever suggest to honestly be able to succeed in creating so much employment, and if he does indeed have the magic answer to the Provinces unemployment woes, why have the PC’s been keeping it to themselves all these years and not coming to the rescue of a Province they say is in such disarray long before now? I think we all deserve an answer to that, don’t we?

Well, Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Liberal Party have been asking the very same question. Today Premier Wynne forwarded a letter to Tim Hudak advising him that his math is drastically off the mark and she is asking him to explain himself to Ontarians immediately.

I have attached a copy of her letter to this email and once again would urge each and every one of you to read it and please make an informed decision on June 12th and help assure that Tim Hudak and the PC Party does not get an opportunity to govern this great Province of ours. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve spent too long rebuilding after the Mike Harris days and voting in Tim Hudak will only throw us back into that pit once again.

Please feel free to distribute and discuss the attached letter with your family, friends and co-workers as you see fit and as always please contact me directly with any comments.

May 28 2014 re PC 1 million jobs plan


John F. McCann


Teamsters Local Union # 879


New Agreements

Here is a list of new agreements that were ratified in the month of May.

  • Brother Bishop – Dundas Trucking
  • Brother Bishop – Dufferin Niagara Falls
  • Brother Taylor – Clarkson Construction
  • Brother Taylor – Bonduelle Foods Ingersoll – Processing
  • Brother Mitchell – Sam Adelstein’s
  • Brother Mitchell – Woodington Systems
  • Brother Chalmers – Taylor Chrysler Dodge
  • Brother McLeod – Cardinal Courier London


Bonduelle Foods Ingersoll – Processing

The employees in the processing plant at Bonduelle Foods in Ingersoll have ratified a new 3-year agreement by 90%.

The new agreement has new seniority language which stops assistant supervisors from preforming bargaining unit work, with wage increases of 2 1/2% each year with a minimum wage increase protection.


Dufferin Niagara Falls Ratifies new deal

Dufferin employees in Niagara Falls have ratified a new 3 year deal with increases to their wages, benefits and pension.

Business Representative and Vice President Ernie Bishop would like to give a big thanks to steward Rick Howard for a job well done during negotiations.


Dundas Trucking gets new 3-year Agreement

Dundas Trucking Owner Operators ratified a new 3-year agreement with an increase to their rate of pay.

Business Representative Ernie Bishop would like to recognize steward Willie Stayner for a job well done.


Anti Hudak letter to members

Brothers and Sisters,

I encourage each and every one of you to read the attached document and discuss it with your families, friends and coworkers. Feel free to post it within your workplaces and inform as many as possible of the negative possibilities should Tim Hudak and the PC Party gain power in the Province of Ontario on June 12th.

Thank you.


John F. McCann


Teamsters Local Union # 879

Anti Hudak letter to members


IKEA Labour Dispute

The seasons and the calendar may have changed, but the labour dispute at Ikea’s Richmond store remains intact as workers get set to mark a year on the picket line.

On Thursday, Teamsters Canada President Robert Bouvier and Teamsters Canada Representative Grant Coleman spoke at the 27th CLC Convention on the IKEA Lockout saying that the Teamsters will stand by their members until the dispute in Richmond, BC comes to a positive resolution for the members involved.

Bob Bouvier 1  Grant Coleman  Bob 1  Bob 2


CLC Election

Delegates to the Canadian Labour Congress convention in Montreal have elected Hassan Yussuff as President in a contested election. Yussuff defeated incumbent Ken Georgetti, who has been CLC President since 1999.

Hassan Yussuff was first elected CLC Secretary-Treasurer in 2002, after serving as an Executive Vice-President since 1999. Previously he was national human rights director of the Canadian Auto Workers union – now UNIFOR.

The Canadian Labour Congress, the national voice of the labour movement, represents 3.3 million Canadian workers. The CLC brings together Canada’s national and international unions along with the provincial and territorial federations of labour and 111 district labour councils.

Web site: www.canadianlabour.ca Follow us on Twitter @CanadianLabour


Retirement Lunch for Kelly Mulligan

Friday May 2nd, 2014, the executive board and staff of Teamsters Local Union #879 enjoyed a retirement/send off lunch with long time trustee and Teamster member Kelly Mulligan.

Happy retirement Kelly, you deserve it.

Kelly Mulligan


Rand Formula

The Rand Formula was adopted in 1946. The rights of all workers in a unionized unit are protected by a collective agreement. Workers have the right to vote; in return, they pay a fee and the union has an obligation to defend them. This formula is the basis for industrial peace in Canada.

Prevent the Conservatives from taking us back 40 years!

Fight to keep our rights!


Bill C-525 Facts

Bill C-525 is a Private Member’s Bill introduced on June 5, 2013, by Blaine Calkins, Conservative Member of Parliament for Wetaskiwin, Alberta. It has been dubiously entitled the Employees’ Voting Rights Act.

Please read the attached pdf file to learn more about Bill C-525.

Bill 525 FACTS


New Agreements Ratified

Below are the groups that have ratified new agreements in the month of April.

Congratulations to all the members that have ratified their new agreements and especially to the members that put all the hard work into helping put them together.

  • Bro. Chalmers – Kaumeyer Paper
  • Bro. Mitchell – Nartech Metals
  • Bro. Taylor – Holcim Construction London ratified by 100% increase in wages, benefits and language increases


Drug Testing

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Please be advised that all Teamsters members working on any Pipeline and Mainline sites, in the Distribution of Pipeline or on any Maintenance digs and Station work may be subjected to mandatory drug testing by the employer prior to being sent out onto a job site.

Although Teamsters Local 879 unequivocally opposes mandatory drug testing, the testing that members will be subjected to for the above mentioned jobs has been approved by all trades due to the nature of the work being performed and the fact that natural gas pipelines may be involved and therefore testing has been deemed appropriate prior to being sent out onto the job.

Please conduct yourselves accordingly should you be asked to submit to a test and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Marty Taylor at the London Office of Teamsters Local Union 879.


John. McCann


Teamsters Local 879

Alcohol and Drug Policy Requirements

Accordingly, pursuant to Section 5.31 of the Manual, effective January, 2013 all Enbridge LP Engineering Project Contractors and subcontractors will be required to have policies and / or standards in place that meet or exceed the requirements outlined in the attached Enbridge LP Engineering Projects Alcohol & Drug Standard with the exception of provisions related to site access alcohol & drug testing.

Effective June 1, 2014 access to Enbridge LP Engineering Project’s worksites will be contingent upon each worker demonstrating successful completion of an appropriate test for alcohol and specified drugs in compliance with the criteria set out in the COAA 2005 Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace Alcohol and Drug Guidelines and Work Rule.

Notwithstanding Enbridge’s stated implementation date of June 1, 2014 for its site-access testing requirements, Enbridge reserves the right to implement such testing at an earlier date. Should this occur, Contractors will receive ample advance notice so that they may arrange their affairs to meet the revised deadline.

Martin L. Taylor

Construction Business Representative


Disappointing News

Dear friends,

I have some very disappointing news for you today.

Everyone in Windsor welcomed the announcement of a $1.4 billion dollar parkway, to better connect Windsor with Detroit. Premier Kathleen Wynne used the parkway in her Liberal leadership campaign. She was the Minister of Transportation then and called it “the largest infrastructure project in our province’s history.”

Today, we are learning the sad truth. The parkway had serious safety flaws. It’s the gas plant scandal all over again.

Despite public denials, the paper trail shows that the government allowed construction with substandard materials to continue for eight months. They knew there was a problem before the first girders were installed but they kept installing them until the story was about to go public. They were more concerned with project delay than with public safety.

When the Liberals thought people’s safety was at risk, they looked the other way. When they thought Liberal seats were at risk, they suddenly reversed course because they feared media exposure.

Taxpayers may be on the hook for those 8 months of construction that the government knew had to be ripped up and rebuilt. We are paying from our pockets for Liberal infrastructure mismanagement. First the $1billion for the gas plants, and now this new parkway scandal. The public deserves answers.

Percy Hatfield MPP Windsor-Tecumseh

From the President

Sister and Brothers,

As the better weather draws near so does the possibility of a Provincial election here in Ontario.

A recent poll has indicated that the PC party has moved slightly ahead of the Kathleen Wynne Liberal’s, with the Andrea Horvath NDP running in third. This, Sisters and Brothers, is most alarming. If we can take a minute to look at our possible options in this race we first must look at the PC party headed by Tim Hudak.

This is an individual who is fixated on gutting the Labour Laws in our Province. Those very same laws that you have fought long and hard to achieve and maintain. He has been quoted as saying he wants your Province to be “the next Alabama”! Unfortunately this is not something we cannot sit back and allow to happen. He wants to take away the strength of your Union by implementing Bill 377, and his Right to Work (for less) laws. Amongst other things this will allow workers in our Province to be able to opt out of mandatory Union dues deduction resulting in the overall weakening of your Union’s finances which in turn reduces your Union’s power to bargain and fight for the ongoing rights and privileges that we all enjoy from your Union collective agreements.

Is this what we want?

Do we want to go back to the days when we had to grovel for simple things that we now take for granted, only to have the boss say no to us in the end and have no recourse to challenge? I don’t think anyone wants that. It should be obvious to us all that the PC party, led by Tim Hudak, is not a viable option that anyone in the Province of Ontario can live with.

So what are the other options?

As you can see by the information provided from the NDP party, it seems as though there is once again the potential of more concerns with regards to over spending within the Liberal Government and you can rest assure that the PC party will attempt to use this opportunity to drive another stake between the voters in the Province and the Liberals and NDP.

Your Teamsters have always tried to play a low key role when it comes to politics and have never wanted to force our opinions on our members with regards to political preferences. However, this election is gearing up to possibly be the most important one since the end of the Mike Harris PC days in which we all seen what can happen when we allow a government to go on too long, unchallenged. Once again, the Teamsters don’t wish to tell you how to vote but instead want you to be as educated as possible so that when that moment arrives you can utilize your given right to vote in the best manner possible.

I urge you to read the information provided on our website, and on others, with regards to Hudak’s anti Labour agenda and his proposed Bill 377. Learn how devastating it will be and how it will turn back the clocks for you and your families and strip away everything we have all worked so hard to achieve.

The time is now to take a stance against the potentially devastating PC party policies! Don’t allow Tim Hudak to strip you and your family of all you have gained over the years through tough negotiating! Don’t allow the PC’s the opportunity to implement their anti Labour laws and Bill 377, and don’t allow the PC’s to take away from the strength of your Union!

Get educated, get involved  and when the time is right get out and vote!

Please feel free to contact me at 1-800-528-8879 or via email at jmccann@teamsters879.ca and share with me your questions and concerns and I will attempt to address them all.


John F. McCann


Teamsters Local Union # 879


April 28th – Day of Mourning

Is Today the day you die at work?

Over 1,000 Canadian workers are dying every year. In Canada, four workers die each day.

The number of people killed at work each year in Canada has risen for the past 15 years. This is in contrast to almost every other OECD country where the incidence of workplace fatalities is declining. In 2007, according to the latest report from the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada, 1,055 people lost their lives at work. That’s four people every work day. Dead because their workplace was not safe.

Dead because they got injured. Dead because they got cancer. Dead because they were attacked.

Four people every day who never come home again. Dead because their employer failed to ensure they were safe at work. In addition to these workers killed at work, there are many others where the death goes unreported if they die of a disease unrecognized as an occupational disease.

Below are 2 pictures of the Day of Mourning/Moment of Silence that was held at noon in St. Catharines.

Day of Mourning  Day of Mourning 2


Day of Mourning

DOM – Candle

DOM – Dinner Poster

DOM – Dragon fly

DOM – Forget Me Not

DOM – Memo from Emmie

DOM – Tear with Words

DOM – Tombstone


CLC Elections



Tweet to IKEA/Support our Members

Teamsters 213 re. Lock out at IKEA, Richmond – April 10, 2014


Teamster Demonstration Against EXAL

We think readers and, particularly, Ontario teachers, would be interested to learn what the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan has been up to lately. In a word, union-busting.

The pension plan, which is funded by contributions by and on behalf of Ontario’s unionized teachers, is waging a ruthless, vindictive campaign of harassment, intimidation and threats against U.S. workers of a company it owns: Exal.

In 2010, teachers acquired a controlling stake in Exal, an Ohio firm that makes aluminum bottles and cans and named three directors to its board to actively manage its investment.

When workers began to organize with the Teamsters union in late 2012, they were met by a vicious campaign of fear and intimidation by teachers’ management, which included coercive attempts to get workers to vote against the union drive by showing them a ballot with the ‘No’ box checked.

The U.S. National Labor Relations Board, responsible for enforcing labour laws, determined that Exal illegally harassed, interrogated, threatened and spied on union supporters.

The company settled the charges by posting a notice that it would not violate the workers’ rights again.

Teachers’ management of Exal not only violates U.S. labour law but internationally accepted standards for human rights. In addition, they’ve exposed teachers and its investment at Exal to both reputational and financial risk.

Creating a divisive and hostile work environment at the company’s only North American manufacturing facility is just bad business.

Ontario teachers should demand that the stewards of their retirement security enforce the principles of responsibility and respect the core values of the plan and its participants.

ROBERT BOUVIER, President, Teamsters Canada, Laval, Quebec

EXAL demonstration – April 2014


Settlement for Baltimore City School Bus Workers

Durham Baltimore Wage Settlement Approved


Bill C-525

We were disappointed, but not surprised, to see the Conservatives pass Bill C-525 in the House of Commons yesterday, further cementing this government’s unprecedented attack on collective bargaining rights and on the labour movement more generally.

We know this bill will make it tougher for Canadian workers to form a union under federal jurisdiction and make it easier to decertify one. We also know the vital role unions play in providing secure, well-paying employment, and in making this country more equal for all.

Therefore it is with resolve that the Broadbent Institute pledges to continue to fight this move, and be a loud and principled voice in challenging the government’s other attacks. Through our work at PressProgress, and through strong research and policy, we will continue to work with you to advocate on behalf of the vital role that unions play in a fair and prosperous economy.


Rick Smith Executive Director Broadbent Institute



California US Foods News Release


Woodington Systems Employees Get New Deal

Teamsters Local #879 members at Woodington Systems ratified a new 4-year agreement this month with increases in their wage, benefits, a shift premium and pension. There was also a 50% increase towards the mechanics tool allowance.

Business Representative Danny Mitchell would like to thank his negotiating committee and stewards John Bilous and Jerry Tiessen for a job well done.


Long Time Trustee Kelly Mulligan Retires

Kelly Mulligan was hired on by Hydro working up at Douglas Point in 1976. That was the year he became a proud Teamster. In 1978 he decided to hit the road and join Kingsway Transport.

Noticed by many for his passion for the Labour movement, in 1995 Kelly decided to put his name forward to run for Chief Steward at the Kingsway Kitchener Depot. By an overwhelming majority, Kelly won the election for Chief Steward and without hesitation started fighting for the rights of the workers there.

Through attending the general membership meetings at the local and his time in volunteering for the executive board at local events, Kelly was soon noticed by staff and the executive board of local #879. In 1995 he was asked by the executive board to join the locals team as trustee and to sit on the Freight Health and Welfare board. Along with those responsibilities, Kelly was also asked to sit as a delegate for Joint Counsel 52.

When asked how he felt about his time at Kingsway, stewardship and responsibilities as a Teamster Kelly said, “I am grateful for the opportunity I was given by the 879 executive board and Joint Counsel 52. It was hard work and fun all at the same time. I enjoyed every minute of my time with the group at 879 and couldn’t have been happier working with a better bunch of Teamsters.

It was a privilege to represent my guys at the yard and I have no regrets, but don’t think you will get rid of me that easy. I will still be coming around to the events that Local 879 offers their members and I might even show up at the odd general membership meeting.”

Well Kelly you are always welcome and hope to see you soon. From all of us in the 879 family, all the best in your retirement and enjoy every minute of it. You deserve it!

Below are just a few pictures that were taken at the Kingsway depot for Kelly’s retirement send off on Friday March 28th/2014.

Kelly 1 Kelly 3 Kelly 2


2014 OTI Invitational

OTI Invitation – 2014


New York’s Tom O’Donnell Named Teamsters Motion Picture Division Director



Miller Waste Employees Ratify First Agreement

Miller Waste employees in Owen Sound ratified their first agreement with improvements to wages, benefits and overtime language. There were many improvements, too many to list as it was their first agreement.

Business Representative Martin Taylor would like to thank all the employees at Miller for their support and a special thanks to committee member Les Drury for all his help at negotiations.


879 Wins Big with Central Taxi

On February 13th/2014, the Teamsters Local Union #879 applied an application for certification to the Ontario Labour Relations Board for the 219 drivers at Central Taxi in Niagara. On January 21st/2014, the Labour Board conducted a vote for the 219 drivers.

Due to many challenges and a couple of ULP’s, the Board decided to seal the ballot box until the 19th of March in which time both parties could meet and try to agree on their challenges.

After a hard, long, cold 4 1/2 month campaign, Teamsters Local Union #879 arrived on Wednesday, March the 19th at the OLRB (Ontario Labour Relations Board) to try and agree on all the challenges, ULP (Unfair Labour Practice) and open up the ballot box.

Once the ULP and challenges were agreed on the Labour Board officer opened up the ballot box to count the ballots.

I am very happy to report that Teamsters Local Union #879 are now the bargaining agent of the 219 Central Taxi Niagara division drivers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my committee of, Corrina Kelly, Deborah Walden, Eric Wils, David Andrews, James Smerdon, Simon Snieder and Andrew Chamberlain and to congratulate all the drivers that supported the campaign.

Couldn’t have done it without all the support that was received from the brothers and sisters of Central Taxi.

Jim Killey

Membership Development Coordinator

Teamsters Local Union #879

From the committee:

Central Taxi


Three year agreement with Humane Society

Teamsters Local Union #879 business representative Dan DiGiovanni ratified a new 3-year agreement on February the 20th/2014 by 100% with the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society.

They agreed to wage and pension increases as well changes with respect to vacation and a signing bonus.

Thanks to stewards D. Wey & L. MacDonald. Couldn’t have done it without them.


Local 879 secures new 4-year agreement with Charron Transport

Business Representative Dan DiGiovanni reports that on March 9th/2014 he ratified a new 4-year agreement with Charron Transport by 99%.

Wage and pension increases with changes to overtime provisions and improvements in their benefits.

Dan would like to thank his committee members R. Barnes, G. Barnes & long time steward G. Siddall for the outstanding job they did through the process. Their input made a big difference through the course of negotiations.


Kingsway Transport Ratifies New Deal

Employees from Kingsway Transport have ratified a new 4-year agreement with increases in their wages, Health and Welfare and pension.


Workers at Labatt end 11-month Strike




London Steward Seminar

Below are some pictures from the recent London area Stewards seminar.

There were approximately 16 members present, Trustee Lenna Phenix and Business Representative Doug Pilkey put on a great seminar with Business Representative Dave McLeod, Marty Taylor, Danny Mitchell and Local 879 President John McCann assisting.

The stewards were very appreciative and learned a lot from the seminar.

Seminar 1 Seminar 2 Seminar 3 Seminar 4


Ontario bi-elections

In Niagara Falls — formerly represented by Liberal MPP Kim Craitor — the NDP’s Wayne Gates was at 38 per cent, one-time MPP Tory Bart Maves had 36 per cent, Liberal Joyce Morocco had 19 per cent, and the Greens’ Clarke Bitter 3 per cent.

The latest poll out shows that the NDP candidate in Niagara Falls, Unifor Local 199 President Wayne Gates, is slightly ahead of the PC candidate. As we head into the final stages of the campaign it is more important now, than ever before, to help out as much as possible to get the message out to everyone that we cannot sit back and let Tim Hudak and his Tory agenda gain any more momentum in the Province.

I have been in contact with Wayne Gates’ campaign manager and they are asking for as much assistance as possible to help get the message out starting this Saturday and continuing to the election on the 13th. If anyone in the area can lend some time it would be much appreciated. The campaign offices are in Niagara on the Lake, Niagara Falls and Fort Erie and the main contact number is 289-320-8311 to call and ask how you can help.

If you personally cannot lend a hand I would appreciate it if you could pass this email on to everyone on your email contact list that may be willing to lend a hand and to all other labour reps that may have members in the area who may be willing to help. I ask that any of our members wishing to get involved to please call the campaign office as soon as possible and that any of the Locals business agents who have workplaces in Niagara to forward this email to their stewards and ask them to get the message out to their fellow workers to get  involved and let’s bring this campaign home for Wayne and the NDP.

Please remember, regardless of your personal political affiliations or feelings for the NDP or Unifor, this election is important to us all because it’s right in Tim Hudak’s hometown and in his backyard. The PC’s under the leadership of Hudak are watching this by-election very closely with hopes of a victory, and should they win it will only empower them even more to move forward with their anti union, anti labour, anti working class attack on the middle class in Ontario. We MUST take a stance and we MUST defeat this individual and by helping out with a little bit of your time over the next few days we can make this happen. Let’s bring it home for Wayne and send Hudak packing!!!

Thanks, John. 

John F. McCann


Teamsters Local Union # 879


Cuts at Canada Post

Regarding the cuts at Canada Post, you are probably aware that we are circulating an electronic and paper petition. PLEASE continue to share it and collect signatures. We have over 12000 signatures on the electronic one and the paper version is starting to come in our office.

It’s looking good! http://www.isupport-boulerice.org/let_s_take_action_to_stop_service_cuts_at_canada_post

In solidarity,

Eric Demers

Political advisor for Alexandre Boulerice

NPD MP for Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie


Bill C-525

Bad news… Bill C-525, aiming to reduce the capacity for workers to organize a union, just passed second reading (149 votes against 133). You can sign our petition here: http://www.isupport-boulerice.org/attacks_against_workers_must_stop

The next stage will be a study in front of committee. I will keep you up to date with developments.


Stop Tim Hudak

The attached flyer is being distributed province-wide.

We are the home team!  (The best way for a team to win is to practice, so you don’t need to wait for February 8th.)

Labour activists in Niagara are asked to e-mail NRLC.CLC@gmail.com to let us know you plan to participate.

When:  Saturday, February 8th, 10:00 am start

Where: 3770 Montrose Rd (just NW of QEW/Thorold Stone Road), Niagara Falls

401 B Garrison Road, Fort Erie

358 Mary Street, NOTL

What:   Labour Canvass for Wayne Gates

Why:     a)  To help elect the next MPP for Niagara Falls, Fort Erie and Niagara-on-the-Lake!

b)  To support an exceptional local labour leader and NF City Councillor.

c)  To beat Tim Hudak in his home town.

d)  All of the above!

Daniel Peat


Niagara Regional Labour Council

124 Bunting Road, St. Catharines, Ontario.

PO Box 42 Thorold, Ontario.  L 3Y72V

Office (905) 892-6524

Cellular (905) 933 1889

Niagara 2014-StopTimHudak Canvass 8th Feb


More Hudak

This guy is a piece of work.



Armoured Car News

In a landmark decision released on January 23, 2014, two-person armoured car crews have been declared unsafe by a federal health and safety officer after an exhaustive investigation.

The decision comes after a Brinks messenger in Peterborough, Ontario, refused to carry cash to and from an automated teller machine without a guard, saying it was unsafe for him to carry the money alone while the other crew member stayed in the truck. This is what’s known as a “one-off” crew, in which one member is off the truck during a cash delivery or pickup and the other is left behind.

In his decison, health and safety officer Bob Tomlin said, “The diminished ability of a “one-off” crew to monitor for the risk of exposure to the known hazard of assault and injury during a robbery attempt while servicing a front loading ATM machine and during travel to and from the truck constitutes a danger.”

A robbery of an armoured car in a Toronto mall three days previously, also highlights the need for greater health and safety prevention measures in the industry.

The robbery took place on January 20, at about 10:30 p.m. outside a TD Canada Trust bank located at Toronto’s Fairview Mall. According to police, the two-person armoured car crew was robbed at gunpoint. Several shots were fired by both sides at close range. The suspects then fled the scene with “an undisclosed amount of money.” Although no one was injured in the altercation, a bullet hole could be seen in the front window of the armoured car.

The incident is indicative of the dangers that armoured personnel face every day. The transport of large amounts of cash, or other valuables involves heightened security risk compared to the storage of valuables in secure vaults in financial institutions or retail establishments. There are unpredictable circumstances and unknown variables that make the armoured car industry an ongoing target for criminal activity. This activity is highly visible and the most vulnerable targets occur in crowded public environments.

“The safety of this industry’s workers is an issue we’ve been working on for a while now,” said Teamsters Canada Armoured Car Director, Jim Chalmers. The Teamsters union represents the two-man crew involved in the Fairview Mall shooting incident.

In June of 2012, three armoured car guards—also members of Teamsters Canada were killed and another seriously injured after they were shot by a co-worker during a robbery which took place in Edmonton. This tragedy prompted the union to meet with the Minister of Public Safety in an attempt to identify and resolve safety issues in the industry.

In Canada, detailed statistics concerning attacks on armoured cars are not publicly available. However, industry estimates indicate that since 2000, there have been more than 70 attacks on armoured cars in Canada, resulting in 3 fatalities and 2 serious injuries.

Teamsters Canada is not the only union calling for changes in the armoured car industry. In response to the growing threat to their members Unifor has launched a national campaign. The union explains, despite the high risks involved in the armoured car industry, and the threats to public safety, there exists a “patchwork” of legislation and regulation across jurisdictions that is “ineffective, over-lapping, at times contradictory and falling behind other jurisdictions across the world.”

Unifor are pushing federal lawmakers to “develop a comprehensive regulatory framework to enhance safety and prevent crime by establishing minimum standards in employee training, vehicle specifications, crew compliments and safety equipment requirements.”

Want to read the federal health and safety officer’s decision on the work refusal?

Want to read a copy of Unifor’s policy proposal for the armoured car industry?

Want to read a copy of Teamsters Canada (Armoured Car) press release?

Want to read related WHSC hazard bulletins?

Working alone

Workplace Violence


Friendly Calling Program

In my effort to reach out to the McQuesten neighbourhood, I would like to make the Teamster Retirees aware of a program for seniors (65+) in the Greater Hamilton community which may be of interest to your club members and their families:

For seniors seeking additional social contact, I offer a weekly phone call from a specially matched volunteer, and I also have several volunteer opportunities available.  As this service is funded by the Hamilton Niagara Brant Local Health Integration Network,  it is entirely free to all participants. Currently there are over 90 seniors in the program who tell me it has enhanced their lives greatly!

I ask that you please take a moment to review the attached flyer and information sheet regarding the Friendly Calling Program.

I welcome you to contact me with regard to the program, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Holly Anderson

Coordinator, Friendly Calling Program

Dundas Community Services

2 King Street West, Suite 3A

Dundas, Ontario L9H 6Z1

Tel: 905 627 5461

Fax: 905 627 5020

Friendly Calling Program FAQ Jan 2013

Friendly Calling Program


World Airways



YRCW Teamsters Reject Extending, Modifying Current Restructuring Agreement

Teamsters at YRC Worldwide Inc. (YRCW) rejected the company’s proposal that would have extended and modified the existing memorandum of understanding. Members voted over the past several weeks and ballots were counted today. The proposed extension and modification was voted down 61 percent to 39 percent. Vote results can be viewed here.

“The Teamsters Union believes in democracy and we’ve let the democratic process take its course,” said Tyson Johnson, Director of the Teamsters National Freight Division and Co-Chairman of the Teamsters National Freight Industry Negotiating Committee (TNFINC). “Our members have made huge sacrifices to keep this company alive and a majority made the decision not to sacrifice anymore.”

YRCW management communicated with Teamster members and leaders in late October and early November 2013 about the need to make modifications and get an extension in order to address upcoming debt maturities. Following the initial outreach, the company submitted a proposal that Teamster local union leaders agreed to send to members for their vote, while management also worked to line up new money to reduce company debt and go to market on refinancing its remaining debt – with all three contingent on the other.

Teamsters at YRCW have already made tremendous sacrifices, beginning six years ago with a 15 percent wage concession from the National Master Freight Agreement rate and a 75 percent reduction in pension contributions.

“Our members have sacrificed billions of dollars in wages and pension benefits over the past five years and yet the company has been unable to recover from the disastrous policies of the previous management,” said Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President and Co-Chairman of TNFINC.



Hudak Rally

On Friday January the 3rd/2014, Teamsters Local 879 President John McCann, Secretary Treasurer Jim Chalmers and Business Representative Danny Mitchell braved the cold to join in the Rally Against Hudak held in Beamsville with other members of the Labour Movement from the Steelworkers Local 1005 to Cupe and many others.

This rally is held the first Friday of every month in front of Tim Hudak’s office in Beamsville and we encourage everyone to come out and join in rallying against Ontario becoming a “Right to Work” province.

Bring a friend, we have plenty of signs!!!

Also, on January 12th in Binbrook, Hudak will be speaking at an event. So lets give him a big New Years welcome and let him know that labour is coming after him.

Bring your flags, banners and noise makers. Let’s have some fun.