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June Ratifications

  • Coventry Connections
  • Tillsonburg Ready Mix
  • Pt. Burwell Voluntary Firefighters
  • Lafarge Cambridge
  • Bonduelle
  • Morral Transport


Coventry Connection Drivers Ratify First Agreement

Limo and bus drivers at Coventry Connections voted today to except their first Collective Agreement by 92%. A 4-year deal bringing first time benefits, a 28% increase in wages and strong language to bring long awaited changes to their working conditions.

Thanks to steward Glenn Edgley for a job well done. You make the membership proud. They knew you would pull through for them and the vote count showed that. They are in good hands.


Purolator Tackle the Hunger

I would like to let everyone know what an awesome job our Purolator Clerical People did for the Tackle the Hunger food drive. Every year these fine ladies do a BBQ to raise money for this fundraiser. Between this BBQ and the bake sale that they do, they may have topped the $1000.00 mark in donations.

Thanks to

  • Jay Gayne
  • Jeanine Gravel
  • Shelly St Julien

Business Representative

Dan DiGiovanni


Teamsters Denounce Trump

Teamsters Denounce Trump, Fully Support Government of Canada (final) v2

United Way Job Posting
LPS job posting

Certified Union
The YRC Reimer Border Ambassadors join Teamsters Local Union #879.
Welcome aboard

May Ratifications
Tandet Logistics
Charron Transport

Friday afternoon BBQ with the gang at County of Essex
American unions ready to challenge cement multinationals



Stoney Creek Stewards Seminar

Another successful Stewards Workshop! Congratulations to our newly trained Teamsters Local 879 Stewards in Stoney Creek.



Injured Workers Rally

Injured worker rally poster


General Membership Meeting Notice-May

General Membership meeting notice-May


April Ratifications

  • CBM Milton


Teamsters Presents: Spring Fling

MOPAR Fun Day 2018


Teamster Park N Fly Deal
Park N Fly Deal

Teamsters Local Union #879 Golf Tournament
Information regarding this years golf tournament is below,
2018 Golf Tournament

General Membership Meeting Notice-April
GM meeting-April

March Ratifications

Canadian named 35th Highway Hero
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — What does one say after saving one life and preventing severe injury to another? “I’m just happy I was in the right place at the right time,” said Frank Vieira of Ancaster, Ont., who drives for Connell Transport.

Vieira was chosen from three finalists for the 35th Goodyear Highway Hero Award, accepting it during a special event held Louisville, Ky.
Vieira was driving over a bridge on a rural highway near Toronto when he heard a loud crash, looked over his shoulder and noticed that a car on the other side of the road had slammed into the back of a stationary roll-off truck. The force of the impact threw the driver forcefully against the steering wheel. The steering wheel broke, with a piece of it embedding itself in the driver’s neck.

After parking his truck, he got out to see if he could do anything to help and found the driver bleeding profusely from the neck. He applied pressure to the wound to staunch the bleeding and proceeded to call 9-1-1 with his free hand, and then things got a bit more complicated.

The driver of the roll-off truck had come back to see what was happening. Seeing the badly wounded driver of the SUV he promptly fainted, dropping to the pavement and partially onto the open lane beside the crash. One of his legs was exposed to the oncoming traffic.

“I hooked my right leg over his leg and pulled it closer to me and clear of the lane of traffic while I was holding the other driver’s neck and talking on the phone with the fire department,” Vieira says.

Emergency personnel arrived and transported both men to the hospital. They survived.
“Since 1983, the Goodyear Highway Hero Award has honored truck drivers who have rescued children from drowning, pulled injured people from burning vehicles, saved law enforcement officials from attackers and
more,” said Gary Medalis, marketing director, Goodyear. “Every truck driver we’ve met through the Goodyear Highway Hero Award program has been just that: a hero. And today, we are proud to add Frank Vieira to that list.”

As the Goodyear Highway Hero Award winner, Vieira receives a special Highway Hero ring, a cash prize and other items. Vieira and two other truck drivers were selected as finalists for the 35th Goodyear Highway Hero Award. They are:
Brian Bucenell, a driver from Richmond, Va. Bucenell had just merged onto the Ohio Turnpike near Toledo when he switched on his CB and overhead other truck drivers discussing a high-speed chase that was taking place not far from his location. Moments later, while glancing at his mirror, Bucenell spotted a group of state trooper pursuit vehicles
chasing a car, which was rapidly heading his way. Bucenell’s truck suddenly entered a construction zone and was forced to merge from three lanes to two lanes. The speeding car tried to pass his 18-wheeler on the shoulder. Over the course of the next minute, while maintaining highway speed, Bucenell kept pace with the car, spotted an opening and maneuvered his truck to sandwich the car against the guard rail, stopping the vehicle and giving state troopers time to catch up with it. Troopers arrested the car’s driver and passengers, who were later charged with motor vehicle theft. They had chased the suspects, whose stolen car had attained speeds of more than 100 miles per hour, for more than 20 minutes.
Ryan Moody, a driver from Tacoma, Wash. Moody was driving down a busy Chicago freeway when a motorcyclist swerved and crashed in front of his truck. With no time to spare, Moody skillfully maneuvered his truck to avoid hitting the unconscious motorcyclist, who was bleeding from a head injury, and then positioned his 18-wheeler to protect him from other vehicles. After jumping out of his truck, Moody wrapped his own shirt around the badly injured motorcyclist’s head to prevent further blood loss, while simultaneously calming surrounding bystanders, who had gathered nearby. Moody stayed with the motorcyclist until paramedics arrived. They later credited him with saving the man’s life.
The Goodyear Highway Hero Award winner was selected by an independent panel consisting of members of the trucking trade press.
“We are proud of not only Frank, but of Brian and Ryan, as well,” said Medalis. “Each is a hero in his own right and a credit to his profession.”


Appointment of Brother Mitchell
Good day everyone,
I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the appointment of Brother Danny Mitchell to the position of Solid Waste and Recycling Coordinator for Teamsters Canada.
The solid waste industry has been growing quickly over the last few years and has become a large part of our organization and the talk of a separate solid waste division, with its own coordinator, has always been a topic of discussion. It is truly an honour for Teamsters Local 879 to be the home local of this divisions first Coordinator.
I am confident that Brother Mitchell will excel in his new position and bring this division to the forefront of our organization and make all of us here at Local 879 very proud.
I would also like to thank President Laporte and Vice President McInnes for seeing the qualities in Brother Mitchell. I know you made the right choice.
Please join me in congratulating Brother Mitchell on his new appointment.
John F. McCann
Teamsters Union Local No 879

ELD Implementation

Workers at DHL Approve New National Contract

February Ratifications

  • OPTA Hamilton
  • Bluewater Recycling
  • Trimac Transportation



APPLICATIONS ONLINE ONLY – http://www.jrhmsf.org/


Employment Opportunity

Part-Time Airbus Driver – Robert Q Airbus

Looking for employment in the London area? Click on the link below to a possible great opportunity with Robert Q Airbus in London, ON.

Part-Time Drivers teamsters 2018.02.01


Members Jacket Winner-January

This months raffle winner was Kevin Nelson out of Banister.

Pictured below is Kevin with President McCann.


January Ratifications

  • Purolator Courier clerical


Purolator Clerical Ratifies

Clerical members of Local 879 at Purolator Courier, ratified a new 5 year deal by 70%. The new collective agreement brings increases to their wages, benefits and stronger language changes.


Supporting Workers at Tim Hortons

Join a Tim Hortons action near you tomorrow, Wednesday, January 10. Read below for more details!

When Ontario’s minimum wage increased to $14, Tim Hortons immediately began to eliminate workers’ paid breaks, reduce access to basic drug and dental benefits, eliminate uniform and drink allowances, and even cut employees’ hours of work.

This is outrageous coming from a wildly profitable multinational corporation.

  • In 2016, Tim Hortons generated US$3 billion in revenue for its parent company Restaurant Brands International Inc. (RBI).
  • That same year RBI CEO Daniel Schwartz pocketed $6,173,993 in wages, stock options and other perks.
  • An additional US$350 million in profits were given out to shareholders.

TELL TIM HORTONS: Hands off workers’ wages & benefits!

  • The Tim Hortons corporation dictates virtually every detail of the franchise-owners’ business practice.
  • It even stipulates the required net worth (at least $1.5 million) of any potential franchise owner.
  • As the supplier of Tim Hortons products, the corporation sets the price of everything from sugar to its pre-cooked donuts. It’s clear the parent corporation has the power to fully restore workers’ wages, benefits and working conditions.


Tweet @TimHortons #TimHortons #15andFairness

  • The Ontario’s new labour laws were intended to improve the wages and working conditions of employees – especially those at the lowest rungs of the income ladder.
  • Demand that Restaurant Brands International Inc. (RBI) take whatever steps necessary to ensure that its company and Tim Hortons franchise owners respect the spirit of the new laws.

Join an action near you tomorrow!

On Wednesday January 10, there will be actions at several Tim Hortons locations across Ontario to call on the Restaurant Brands International – the owner of the Tim Hortons chain – to issue a directive to every franchise owner to rescind any and all punitive measures against workers.


  • Markham & Lawrence (3488 Lawrence Ave E) 8:00 am
  • Keele & Wilson (2708 Keele St) 8:00 am
  • Spadina & College (455 Spadina Ave) 8:00 am
  • Bloor & Dufferin (1094 Bloor St West) 8: 00 am
  • Eglinton & Bermondsey (1733 Eglinton Ave E) 9:00 am
  • UofT: Bloor & St. George (264 Bloor St W) 2:00 pm
  • YorkU: Keele & Steeles (4700 Keele St) 3:00 pm
  • Yonge & College (444 Yonge) 4:30 pm

Dundas (near Hamilton)

  • Cootes & York Rd (38 York Rd) 5:00 pm


  • Dundas & Elgin St (970 Division St) 5:00 pm


  • Dundas & Richmond (172-174 Dundas St) 3:00 pm


  • Windsor St & Wellington (80 Park St E) 10:00 am


  • Victoria & York (212 Victoria Rd South) 5:00 pm

RSVP to a Tim Hortons location action near you at the link here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Fightfor15andFairness/events

The company that has the power to stop the franchises from further cuts is the owner of the chain, Restaurant Brands International. We are putting pressure on the owners by going to these locations.

Not all of the franchise locations may have cut workers’ benefits in reaction to the minimum wage hike, however, we are still asking you to come out to the franchises listed above.


These actions will be followed by an action at the Restaurant Brands International headquarters in Oakville on Monday, January 15 at 3:00 pm.


Minimum Wage Increase

With all the confusion and problems that business owners say the hike in the minimum wage has caused, I think it’s time for the non union to organize.

Need information as to how to go about organizing your workplace, call

Jim Killey

Membership Development Coordinator


or click on the organizing page for more details.