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February Ratifications

  • OPTA Hamilton
  • Bluewater Recycling
  • Trimac Transportation



APPLICATIONS ONLINE ONLY – http://www.jrhmsf.org/


Employment Opportunity

Part-Time Airbus Driver – Robert Q Airbus

Looking for employment in the London area? Click on the link below to a possible great opportunity with Robert Q Airbus in London, ON.

Part-Time Drivers teamsters 2018.02.01


Members Jacket Winner-January

This months raffle winner was Kevin Nelson out of Banister.

Pictured below is Kevin with President McCann.


January Ratifications

  • Purolator Courier clerical


Purolator Clerical Ratifies

Clerical members of Local 879 at Purolator Courier, ratified a new 5 year deal by 70%. The new collective agreement brings increases to their wages, benefits and stronger language changes.


Supporting Workers at Tim Hortons

Join a Tim Hortons action near you tomorrow, Wednesday, January 10. Read below for more details!

When Ontario’s minimum wage increased to $14, Tim Hortons immediately began to eliminate workers’ paid breaks, reduce access to basic drug and dental benefits, eliminate uniform and drink allowances, and even cut employees’ hours of work.

This is outrageous coming from a wildly profitable multinational corporation.

  • In 2016, Tim Hortons generated US$3 billion in revenue for its parent company Restaurant Brands International Inc. (RBI).
  • That same year RBI CEO Daniel Schwartz pocketed $6,173,993 in wages, stock options and other perks.
  • An additional US$350 million in profits were given out to shareholders.

TELL TIM HORTONS: Hands off workers’ wages & benefits!

  • The Tim Hortons corporation dictates virtually every detail of the franchise-owners’ business practice.
  • It even stipulates the required net worth (at least $1.5 million) of any potential franchise owner.
  • As the supplier of Tim Hortons products, the corporation sets the price of everything from sugar to its pre-cooked donuts. It’s clear the parent corporation has the power to fully restore workers’ wages, benefits and working conditions.


Tweet @TimHortons #TimHortons #15andFairness

  • The Ontario’s new labour laws were intended to improve the wages and working conditions of employees – especially those at the lowest rungs of the income ladder.
  • Demand that Restaurant Brands International Inc. (RBI) take whatever steps necessary to ensure that its company and Tim Hortons franchise owners respect the spirit of the new laws.

Join an action near you tomorrow!

On Wednesday January 10, there will be actions at several Tim Hortons locations across Ontario to call on the Restaurant Brands International – the owner of the Tim Hortons chain – to issue a directive to every franchise owner to rescind any and all punitive measures against workers.


  • Markham & Lawrence (3488 Lawrence Ave E) 8:00 am
  • Keele & Wilson (2708 Keele St) 8:00 am
  • Spadina & College (455 Spadina Ave) 8:00 am
  • Bloor & Dufferin (1094 Bloor St West) 8: 00 am
  • Eglinton & Bermondsey (1733 Eglinton Ave E) 9:00 am
  • UofT: Bloor & St. George (264 Bloor St W) 2:00 pm
  • YorkU: Keele & Steeles (4700 Keele St) 3:00 pm
  • Yonge & College (444 Yonge) 4:30 pm

Dundas (near Hamilton)

  • Cootes & York Rd (38 York Rd) 5:00 pm


  • Dundas & Elgin St (970 Division St) 5:00 pm


  • Dundas & Richmond (172-174 Dundas St) 3:00 pm


  • Windsor St & Wellington (80 Park St E) 10:00 am


  • Victoria & York (212 Victoria Rd South) 5:00 pm

RSVP to a Tim Hortons location action near you at the link here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Fightfor15andFairness/events

The company that has the power to stop the franchises from further cuts is the owner of the chain, Restaurant Brands International. We are putting pressure on the owners by going to these locations.

Not all of the franchise locations may have cut workers’ benefits in reaction to the minimum wage hike, however, we are still asking you to come out to the franchises listed above.


These actions will be followed by an action at the Restaurant Brands International headquarters in Oakville on Monday, January 15 at 3:00 pm.


Minimum Wage Increase

With all the confusion and problems that business owners say the hike in the minimum wage has caused, I think it’s time for the non union to organize.

Need information as to how to go about organizing your workplace, call

Jim Killey

Membership Development Coordinator


or click on the organizing page for more details.