Dave McLeod

Dave McLeod

My name is Dave McLeod. I am a business representative with Teamsters Local Union # 879, working out of the Locals London Office.

I started my career over 30 years ago as a package car driver with Purolator Courier in the City of London. My career with the Teamsters Union started with Local 141 when Purolator Courier was organized in 1990. I worked my way through the ranks, first as the chief steward from 1990 to 2008, then as a rank and file trustee on the executive board of Local 141.

After the merge with Local 879 I was hired on as a full time business representative and currently look after the local’s interests in the Freight and Tank haul divisions as well as package and parcel and warehousing groups.

I am also very active in organizing the Locals Labour day activities in Grand Bend along with our annual golf tournament. I take great pride in being part of what I feel is the best Local Union within the Teamsters Organization and I look forward to serving the members and this great Local for many years to come.

Doug Pilkey

Hi everyone! I come from a family of truck drivers, including my father, a couple of uncles and a bunch of cousins both male and female. I like to kid them, in that I’m the only one that had sense enough to join the Teamsters Union!

I became a member of Local 141 in 1994. I was driving truck for Verspeeten Cartage at the time it was organized and soon decided that this was an organization that could make a difference. Within the first few months I was elected as a Steward and subsequently was appointed to the Executive Board as a Trustee in 1996.

In the fall of 1997 I changed jobs and went to work for Reimer Express in Woodstock Ontario. Although still a member and a trustee of Local 141, I was no longer the Steward.

April 2000 saw my appointment as an Organizer/Business Representative with the Local. I held that position until December 2003 when Locals 141 and 879 merged. I was also the Recording Secretary for 141 at the time.

2004 through 2007 was spent back at Reimer Express where my peers once again elected me as the Steward.

In the fall of 2007 the call to serve came from the Executive of Local 879 and I was hired as the replacement for Brother Ray Rock. My duties as a Business Representative commenced January 1st 2008 and I continue in that capacity today.

It has been my pleasure to have known and worked with some of the most dedicated and dynamic people in two of the best Local Unions in our organization.

Rick Parent

My name is Rick Parent. I am a business representative with Teamsters Local Union # 879, working out of the Locals Windsor office.

My career with the Teamsters started over 25 years ago in the manufacturing industry in Windsor Ontario with Local 880, where I was very active with the Union and participated in all facets of the Local from shop steward to organizing drives. In 1995 I was appointed to the executive board of Local 880 as a Rank and File Trustee. Shortly after that I was hired on as a full time organizer with Local 880 then as a full time business representative.

At the time of the merger of Local 880 into Local 879 I was the Vice President and instrumental in assuring the merger was completed and am proud to be part of the new, larger Teamsters Local 879 family. I currently look after the local’s interests in the manufacturing, construction, ready mix, freight and tank haul groups for Local 879 in the Windsor, Sarnia and Chatham areas.

I am also active in organizing the Locals Windsor area Christmas Toy Drive as well as the Labour Day Grand Bend event. I feel proud that the merger of our 2 great locals was successful in creating what I believe is the strongest local union within the great Teamsters organization, and look forward to servicing the members in Southwestern Ontario for many years to come.

Dan Digiovanni

Hi all, my name is Dan (Danno) Digiovanni. I worked at Purolator Courier for 24 years and have been a Teamster for 20 years. I served as a Trustee and Organizer with Local 880 and have been a Business Agent for the last 5 years.

I am looking forward to meeting all the great people of Local 879.

Jason Ross


My membership in the Teamster family began in 1993 as a part-time unloader at UPS (United Parcel Service). I spent 25 years there in various positions, the last 15 years as a delivery driver at the Stoney Creek centre. 

In 2009, was elected as a Steward and served in that capacity until January 2011 when I was the newly elected Chief steward of the Stoney Creek depot. I continued in that role until November 2018 when I was hired on as a Business Representative at Teamsters Local 879.

Over the years I have assisted the Locals organizer Jim Killey with several organizing campaigns and was also involved in the 2015 UPS/Teamsters contract negotiations. I currently sit as a trustee for the IAF (Industry Advancement Fund). 

I look forward to a lengthy career with the Teamsters, assisting my Brothers and Sisters at Purolator and UPS.


Darren Hogan

Hello, my name is Darren Hogan. Thought I would share my working history as a Teamster with the membership.

I worked at UPS for 31 years, 25 of those years as a steward and 8 years as a trustee on Local 879’s Executive Board.

I am excited about the future of our Local and look forward to servicing the membership and creating new relationships.

Darren Hogan
Business Representative