FedEx News Update 4:

Drivers In Stockton Seek Job Security, Improved Health Plan, Pension

A group of 50 drivers at FedEx Freight’s Stockton, Calif., terminal have voted to join Teamsters Local 439. The vote took place Thursday, March 12 and today, and the workers voted 33 to 12 to become Teamsters.

“The company spent huge amounts of money and time to try to get us to vote no, but we remained focused on changing how FedEx treats us so that we can have a say on the job,” said Mel Mendieta, a FedEx Freight driver.

“We know that the only way to win job security, an improved health plan and strong retirement security is to stand together as Teamsters,” said Jorge Lopez, a driver.

“I am proud of the workers here in Stockton for sticking together despite the company’s pressure,” said Ken Guertin, Local 439 Secretary-Treasurer. “We will work hard to negotiate a strong contract that gives these workers their rights and protections in writing.”

This victory follows three previous ones in 2014: On November 19, a group of 222 drivers at FedEx Freight in Charlotte, N.C., voted to join Teamsters Local 71; on Oct. 31, a group of 113 drivers at FedEx Freight in South Brunswick, N.J., joined Teamsters Local 701 in North Brunswick, N.J.; and on Oct. 14, a group of 47 drivers in Croydon, Pa., voted to join Teamsters Local 107 in Philadelphia. Other campaigns at FedEx Freight and at Con-way Freight are under way across the country.

“This latest victory in Stockton shows the growing worker resentment toward FedEx Freight for years of being treated unfairly,” said Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President. “This campaign continues to gain momentum and we are excited to be working with FedEx Freight employees across the country to help them improve their lives.”

The workers’ campaigns to join the Teamsters have already paid off. At FedEx Freight, the company announced an 80-cent-per-hour raise a few days after Local 107 filed for an election, and the company got rid of its overly punitive driver scorecard, which gave drivers infraction points for errors. Also, after organizing got under way at Con-way, the company announced it would increase truck driver pay by $60 million in 2015, and other improvements.

“The companies are offering pay raises and other improvements at the same time we are organizing, but the workers know that these things can be taken away just as quickly without a legally binding contract,” said Tyson Johnson, Director of the Teamsters National Freight Division. “The unfulfilled promises that have been made to drivers and dockworkers over the past decade are coming back to haunt management.”

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FedEx News Update 3:

FedExLU71victory Charlotte

FedEx News Update 2:

FedEx US Freight vote “YES” to join Teamsters


FedEx News Update: The Teamsters make inroads into FedEx!     

In Vancouver, on September 17, 2014 – The 14 warehouse employee’s at FedEx Freight Canada’s Surrey, British Columbia location have chosen to be represented by Teamsters Local Union 31.

The organizing campaign launched last June came to an end yesterday with the issue of a bargaining certificate by the Canada Industrial Relations Board. It’s a North American first for the workers of this company. Before this certification the only unionized FedEx employees were the company’s US-based pilots.

“I commend these 14 workers for their courage,” says Stan Hennessy, International Vice-President and President of Teamsters Local Union 31. “They have all my admiration for having accomplished this North American first.”

The workers explained what motivated them to join the union: dismal fringe benefits, lack of pension fund, and lower wages than the industry average. As a reminder, most of the industry’s workers are unionized and represented by the Teamsters.

“Most of these new members only work 20 hours a week. How are they supposed to improve their quality of life?,” said Stan Hennessy. “They have had enough of living without the slightest safety net!”

Stan Hennessy congratulates the organizing committee as well as his local staff and the team at Teamsters Canada’s office in Vancouver for this organizing victory.


Organizing is a priority because it is the essence and the heart of a good labour union. Our Membership Development Coordinator, with the help of the 879 Business Agents and Executive Board members, works to build Teamsters Local 879 membership. Their main role is to organize the non-unionized and the misrepresented members. One must not forget however that the best organizers come from within our ranks.

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