Letter to the members of Teamsters Local Union #879 from the President

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Executive Board members of your Local Union #879.

John McCann, President/Principle Officer

Danny Mitchell, Secretary-Treasurer

Ernie Bishop, Vice President

Lenna Phenix, Recording-Secretary

Kevin Quinlan, Trustee (Purolator Courier London)

Josh Sewell, Trustee (TST Overland)

Joe King, Trustee (Dynamex Courier-Windsor area)

I know I speak on behalf of us all when I say thanks to everyone for all your continued support and we look forward to growing the strength of our Local.

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of our organizing department, we have been able to grow our Local. I’m happy to report that your Local Union continues to remain a major force in the Labour movement within the Province, is the second largest Teamster Local in Ontario and the seventh largest Teamster Local in Canada with an overall monthly membership count averaging just over 6,200 members regularly.

We remain optimistic that 2019 will bring a renewed spirit to Local 879 and see us continue our positive growth forward.

We are looking forward to being more technically in tune with our members with a variety of ideas all relating to being more accessible to all Local 879 members and offering more Local Union information to our members.

We have been aware of the ever increasing usage of the social medias and are excited about embracing the technology. It will allow our members access to all your Local Unions activities, forms, health & welfare/pension information and documents online. As well as creating a membership email list that would enable your Local the opportunity to forward Local and Labour related information directly to you, the members, to keep you fully up to speed as to what is going on within the jurisdiction of Local 879, Teamsters Canada, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the Labour movement in general.

I have always believed that an informed member is a happier member.

In closing, I’m sure there will be battles and I’m sure there will be strife but I’m also sure that regardless of what is thrown in front of us, collectively, we have what it takes to fight the fight thus providing you, the members of our great Local Union, with the dignity and respect in your workplaces and within your communities that can only be offered and achieved by being part of a Teamster collective agreement.


John McCann


Teamsters Local Union #879


January, 2019