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This page was created to help guide the unorganized potential members as to the process and what’s new with the organizing department at Teamsters Local Union #879.

Step 1: To form a union at your workplace it is best to first find out what kind of support you have with your fellow workers. Talk to your friends or the employees that you can trust.

Step 2: Once you have found a few loyal employees that are interested in information about Teamsters call the Local in your area, in this case it is Local #879, and ask to speak to the organizer – Jim Killey. You can call me direct at (289) 260-1613 0r the office toll free at (800) 528-8879. If you are more comfortable with an e-mail, then send one to jkilley@teamsters879.ca.

Step 3: The committee needs to figure out how many employees there are at the facility so that you know how many cards you will need to sign in order to apply for certification. 40% of signed cards to apply both Provincially and Federally. If 50% plus 1 of all employees sign a membership card Federally, there is no vote. The group is certified Union once 50% plus 1 sign membership cards. Provincially, a vote will take place 5 (Five) business days after the OLRB has received the Unions application for certification.

Step 4: Once you have met with the organizer, you will then start to sign membership cards. How you do this is by each committee member going out and talking to their friends or loyal co-workers about the benefits of joining Teamsters. Remember that by law you cannot talk union or sign cards on company time. Also you only want to speak to those that you know you can trust.

Step 5: This is the final step. Once enough membership cards have been signed by the employees the organizer will take the cards (again, the cards are confidential and are only seen by the organizer, the locals legal department and an officer at the labour board) and submit an application for certification with either the Provincial or Federal board.

Below is a direct link to the Canadian Labour board on your rights to organize under the law.


Many campaigns that our organizers are working on at this present time cannot be revealed through the website or by any other means of communication because of the confidentiality that our department assures their committees. However, there are some campaigns that are known to the employer and some that the committees feel they have the right to allow transparency.

Current open campaigns

  • FedEx – Canada wide
  • Purolator Courier – clerical Canada wide
  • UPS – clerical Canada wide
  • RNR Patient Transfer Niagara employees voted for Teamsters to represent them in bargaining. However the company has challenged the Teamsters as to jurisdiction of the group. Labour Board Hearings to get a ruling on the jurisdictional challenge will take place in January 2020.
  • Niagara Casino Surveillance Employees voted on September 17 to join Teamsters Local Union 879. Employees voted in favour of the Union, however, the company has challenged the voters list. Labour Board hearings are scheduled for November 25th and 26th.
  • County of Perth employees voted on September 19 to join Teamsters Local Union 879. Voting box was sealed as the company has challenged employee status. Labour Board hearings are scheduled for November 4th and 5th.

Successful campaigns,

New Groups – 2019

  • Emcon Services Inc (Milton)
  • Emcon Services Inc (Morriston)
  • Ronsco Inc (Hamilton)

New Groups – 2018

  • Purolator clerical Stratford
  • UPS Kitchener Clerical
  • YRC Reimer Border Ambassadors
  • Coventry Connections
  • Intelcom Express
  • AGF Rebar
  • Victoria Street Manor
  • Morral Transport Sarnia

New Groups – 2017

  • Tandet Dedicated
  • Robert Q Airbus London
  • LDI Milton

New Groups – 2016

  • Railcare Inc
  • Lafarge Arthur
  • IBEW Clerical London
  • Taylor Chrysler Hamilton (Body Shop & Detailers)
  • GFL Environmental London

New Groups – 2015

  • Hyundai of Oakville
  • A-1 Driver Training Inc., o/a Young Drivers of Canada
  • Attridge Coach Bus Lines
  • Express Driver Services
  • Zig Zag Enterprises
  • IBEW Kitchener Clerical

New Groups – 2014

  • Hydro Vac Hamilton
  • Wise Solutions London
  • Doug Coleman St. Catharines
  • Moe’s Transport Windsor
  • Rapid Delivery London
  • Doyle Transport Kitchener
  • Rossborough Canada in Waterdown
  • Central Taxi Niagara division

New Groups – 2013

  • Port Burwell Firefighters
  • Purolator Courier (clerical) Mount Hope
  • Miller Waste Owen Sound
  • Hargest Ready Mix Kitchener
  • Oakgroup Automotive
  • NLS International Niagara

New Groups – 2012

  • Norspec Filtration Sarnia
  • Concrete Logistics Hamilton
  • Cardinal Courier London
  • RPM Environmental Burlington
  • HM Cash Oakville
  • Specialty Haulers
  • Bushell Elk Construction London
  • Gunnson Trucking Port Elgin

New Groups – 2011

  • Emterra Environmental Burlington
  • Purolator Courier (clerical) Owen Sound
  • APD London
  • Aslon London
  • UPS clerical – Stoney Creek
  • UPS clerical – St. Catharines
  • UPS clerical – Brantford
  • UPS clerical – London
  • UPS clerical – Stratford
  • Maddalena Uniforms
  • Niagara First Student Bus

Organizing is a priority because it is the essence and the heart of a good labour union. Local organizers with the help of representatives from Teamsters Canada, work to build the Teamsters membership in their Local. Their main role is to organize the non-unionized and the misrepresented members. One must not forget however that the best organizers come from within our ranks.

Don’t forget to check out the other pages on the website under “Join Teamsters” for more information on organizing your workplace.

Thanks for considering Teamsters Local Union #879 your union of choice.

Jim Killey

Membership Development Coordinator

Teamsters Local Union #879



Cell: (289) 260-1613

TF: 1(800)528-8879

Fax: (905)545-4633

“Live Better, Work Union”