2012 Executive Board Swearing in Ceremony


Sisters and Brothers,

Recently Teamsters Canada held it’s first ever “Be Proud” Seminar in Toronto Ontario. This event saw over 250 delegates from every Teamsters Canada Local Union from coast to coast congregate in Toronto for a 2 day event, aimed at discussing the future direction of Teamsters Canada as it pertains to organizing, promoting our Union and more specifically encouraging our youth to get involved and active in their Local Unions.

I take great pride in informing everyone that at the close of the first day’s activities, and on the main stage of the event, your Local Union took the spotlight and had the honour of having the President of Teamsters Canada, Brother Robert Bouvier, preside over the swearing in ceremony of your newly acclaimed executive board. Thanks to Brother Jim Killey, the Locals Director of Organizing, the proceedings where recorded and available on our website and I would encourage all to click on the video and view the event and to also encourage your fellow members to do the same.

I am humbled that Brother Bouvier took the time out of his busy schedule to administer the oath of office to our executive and I am appreciative of the continued support of Teamsters Canada, the Joint Council and the Local Unions as was shown by the numerous congratulations and well wishes we received from all while attending the recent event. It is good to know that we are not alone in this great Teamster Family.


John McCann


Teamsters Local Union #879