Ernie Bishop

Hello Brothers and Sisters.

My name is Ernie Bishop Jr.

I am a second generation Teamster of more than twenty-two years, becoming a Business Agent at Local 879 in 2006. My father, Ernie Bishop Sr. is a proud retired Teamster and has had a profound influence on me.

Like everyone in this great union I started as a rank & file member working for Purolator Courier in Stoney Creek before accepting a position as a National organizer for Teamsters Canada (one of only four in the entire country).

While there I worked with a variety of Locals from coast to coast on a wide range of organizing campaigns. Some of those successful organizing campaigns included Cardinal School Buses, CN Rail, CP Rail (both of which were major national campaigns), WMI (Waste Management), and Centennial Concrete just to name a few.

In spite of all the successes during my time at the National level I always felt too far removed from my home, my family and especially my Local 879. When the opportunity arose to come back to the local as a Business Agent I jumped at it and have never looked back.

Upon my return I was given a large variety of workplaces to represent. Slowly over time my responsibilities evolved into being the Locals primary representative in the ready mix industry representing almost 95% of the ready-mix groups and their associated companies. I have also taken on a fair portion of the construction industry with a geographical jurisdiction covering almost all of Southern and Southwestern Ontario.

Currently I am the Secretary Treasurer of the Ontario Construction Council, a trustee on the Hamilton Vicinity Ready-Mix Pension Plan and a trustee on the Ontario Teamsters Construction Council Health & Welfare Plan.

I am happy to have had the opportunity to return home to my Local Union and look forward to being an integral part of this great organization. I feel I have a lot to offer this Local, its members and look forward to working on behalf of all of you for many years to come.